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How to Create a Library Wall

By Francoisetmoi

Add the illusion of built-in bookshelves with floor to ceiling floating shelves! Read on for logistics for creating your own library wall … My goal for this corner of the family room was to create the illusion of a built-in bookshelf–a place to store books and display collected pieces, but without having to actually foot the bill and/or build an actual custom bookcase. Scroll down a few images to see this room right after our tenant moved out. Rather than doing a freestanding bookcase in this bare corner, I went for floating shelves that are painted the same color as the wall and ceiling to further the built-in feel. The Inspiration Above, this family room’s built-in bookcase with leaning ladder, designed by Cait Sourpas, was my inspiration. The Details I wanted the shelves to span as much of this wall as possible, in order to ground the shelves, and create more of an architectural addition. Short of ordering or building custom shelves, 60″ long white floating shelves were impossible to find, so we ended up purchasing these floating shelves from Home Depot and painting them white. We spray painted them, but you could make an argument for roller painting them […]

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