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How to Create a Casual Column of Colour

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
How to Create a Casual Column of Colour

casual column of colour wearing Verily knit

Today I’m guest posting over at Creating Order from Chaos  about how I organise my life but before you go and read that post, I thought I’d just share my casual column of colour, given that has been a topic here recently.

I’m sure some people wonder what an image consultant wears when they’re not seeing clients. Today I’m seeing my bookkeeper and doing office based work, so I’m dressed in jeans (jag), blue long-sleeve cotton/elastane knit (giordano) and red fine merino knit long cardigan (verily who also now have an Etsy Shop).

The necklaces are two different ones joined together (one was not enough for me, the scale was too small and looked insignificant).  As a larger busted woman longer necklaces can be harder to pull off than pendants, but I’ve found if they are chunky enough the whole way round they still draw attention away from my bust.  Long pendants just don’t work.

You can see how the indigo denim and navy knit seamlessley create a lovely long column (by the way I’m wearing black ballet flats) and don’t draw any attention to my stomach (which is the area I tend to want to distract from).

So now you can picture me sitting infront of my PC writing in these clothes.

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