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How to Crack the January Blah's

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
Pati & COCO 
Ahhh January.  The first month of the year.  All of the festivities of Christmas are over. You may  have made  New Year's resolutions and (in all likelihood) already broken them. All of the exuberance that you started the fresh page of a New Year with might be waning  . . .
Pati & COCO 
I call it the January blah's  . . .  this January has been particularly difficult on us for one reason or another.  Many days I have felt my resolution to do better wavering.   Like my weekend was never going to come.  Day after day of rain.  Hits that don't stop coming  . . .  call it the blah's or the blue's, its the same thing.  Towards the end of January I always feel in deep need of a huge pick-me-up! 
Pati & COCO 
And then this arrived.  Mail.  Post.  A delightful package.  I had almost forgotten that I had this to look forward to and then it was there.  
Todd said to me, "What did you order now?"  I could honestly respond that I didn't remember ordering anything and then I opened the box and it came back to me.  CHOCOLATE!   And not just any chocolate, but an apologetically indulgent creation which combines the art of French Patisserie (Pati) with fine Belgian Chocolate Ganache (COCO). You can't get much better than this.  My mood instantly lifted. 
I mean, what woman doesn't appreciate chocolate?  Not this one!  That's who. I love, Love, LOVE chocolate and when it comes in  decadent looking and sounding little pots, so much the better.
Not so large that you have to feel guilty in indulging, but large enough to know that you are having a treat just when you need one!! 
Pati & COCO 
 Let's face it occasionally we just want or need a treat, and for me getting through to almost the end of January this year has been quite an accomplishment!  These new divine multi-layered, multi-textured chocolate desserts are just what I needed, body and soul.  There is everything in them to help stimulate my senses, my happy centre, pure and indulgent chocolate bliss.
This fabulously tasty experience starts as soon as you crack through the signature layer of fine tempered chocolate on top, down into the patisserie folds of luscious ganache and delicious sheets of chocolate beneath, ending with a satisfyingly crunchy biscuit layer at the base.
 There are four tasty flavours available and I got to try each one.  I know  . . .  its a hard job but somebody has to do it!
Pati & COCO Caramel & Choc - Belgian chocolate ganache, caramel ganache, and crumbled chocolate praline biscuit beneath a cracking chocolate layer. 
Pati & COCO
Praline & Choc - Belgian chocolate ganache, chocolate praline ganache and crumbled chocolate praline biscuit beneath a cracking chocolate layer.
Pati & COCO
Pistachio & Choc - Belgian chocolate ganache, pistachio  ganache, crumbled chocolate praline biscuit beneath a cracking chocolate layer.
Pati & COCO
Gananach & Choc - Belgian Chocolate ganache, crumbled chocolate praline biscuit beneath a cracking chocolate layer.  
Each comes in a pack of two, chilled and layered in individual glasses, ready to indulge your senses and enjoy.  I tried hard to pick a favorite.  (Yes, I tasted each one.)  All were rich.  All were delicious. all were incredibly indulgently rewarding and fabulously tasty. I could not pick just one . . .  but I am partial to Pistachio nuts . . .  then again I do so love caramel anything.  Chocolate  . . .  oh boy.  I can't pick just one. 
Its a good thing I don't have to!  They were each one a totally satisfying experience from the moment I cracked my spoon down through that crisp chocolate coating into those fabulously tasty ganache centres, and those praline biscuits on the bottom . . .  just WOWSA!  A sophisticated feast for the senses that is perfectly sized just for you.  Perfect for when you want a moment to yourself.   Crack into the pleasure because . . .  not to coin a phrase or anything . . .  You're worth it.
Available to purchase in twin packs of two 80g glass pots, in four flavours , stocked in Sainsbury's and Booths from November 19th with an RSP of £3.50 for two pots.
Eventually they will be available in Co-op, Waitrose, Ocado and other retailers.
*To be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. 
Pati & COCO 
Now that I've just about cracked  the January blah's  I say, bring on February.  I can do this! 
How to Crack the January Blah'sNote - I was sent product for review, but  not required to write an honest and positive review in exchange.  I simply call it like it is.

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