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How To Convert Facebook Likes Into Email Subscribers

By Smadison
How To Convert Facebook Likes Into Email Subscribers

We all know that Facebook has been a dominating as a social media network for over a decade, right? Getting likes and emojis on various posts is common. The same plays a very important role when it comes to business pages and online marketing campaigns. So, why not find a way to convert these "Likes" into something more tangible?

Isn't it a great marketing strategy to invite those Facebook acquaintances to join your e-mail subscription list?

Facebook 'Likes' are a type of social media currency that help to get your online activity ball rolling at a faster rate. Social media is a great platform to initiate relationships with common people on a personal level. It's important to bring them over to your e-mail list, because that's the best way to demonstrate niche expertise and make meaningful offers.

Here are some tips for bringing over quality business prospects from Facebook to your e-mail lists:

Paid Facebook ads can be a great way to promote your e-mail newsletter. Just remember to include a 'Call to Action' that directs readers of your ad to a signup-form or landing page where they can provide you with their best contact information. Make sure you do not ask too much of personal questions as it can lead to less conversion rate. Usually just a first name and email address would be fine.

Link directly to your landing page in Facebook posts

Take advantage of your friend list connections to encourage direct sign-ups. Most of the business owners prefer keeping separate profiles (personal and business) in such kinds of situation. Also, make sure that the landing page is simple and built for a single purpose.

The key is to mix up your posts and have a balance between sharing links, providing content and promoting your free and paid offers. However, if things seem to be complicated, the best choice is to hire social media marketing experts to make things easier for your marketing campaigns.

Establish yourself as an expert in the market

The traditional command control models of business entrepreneurship and marketing are mostly inadequate for social media models. Thus, converting 'Likes' on a regular basis requires activity on your account that demonstrates expertise and interest in helping others.

Converting the likes into potential e-mail address contacts can be a great challenge at times without the help of professionals. Hire the best team in Perth and enjoy the conversion rate to reap more profits.

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