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How to Completely Customize Your WordPress Dashboard for Admin And Users?

By Huntsends

WordPress is one of the best places to create a website. Whether you want to create your website or you want a platform to write on your own, there is nothing better than WordPress. As per some reports, about 90% of the websites run on WordPress, and that is a lot.

With many features on the platform, there is hardly anything that you cannot do with it. With the help of the right WordPress development Company, you can create the perfect website for your work and do what you want.

Why is customization important?

Well, to be honest, if you have a thing for custom-made things then you probably know. If not, then here's the idea, custom-made things are far better than those that are generic in nature. Consider this, a lot of us do not like mass-produced things. If you try to figure out why then the thing is that everyone somehow winds up with the same things in the end.

Just like custom paints on cars, custom interiors or other customizations, WordPress customization is extremely important. Here are two primary reasons:

  • It sets you apart from the others online, and
  • Helps you create an identity, something that will help you leave a mark.

With that in mind, there are other benefits to customizations, such as making it easier to find the areas that you need to work on, creating a page that allows you to have everything that you need, revamping your dashboard and giving you control among other benefits.

How to customize your WordPress website?

Considering that websites can be tricky to deal with, here is all that you need to know about customizations and how to do them on your WordPress website:

  • Create your child theme folder: Before you go around changing things, you will need to create a folder and name it "childfolder."
  • Create your child theme's CSS file: After you have created the childfolder, you need to create the CSS files. Before you do anything, you need to create the .css file in the folder. Once that is done, make the changes in the headlines and other things in the folder itself.
  • Create your child theme's PHP file: After revamping your .css file and checking it out, you need to create a functions.php file in the childfolder. After this you can make the changes in the code for your parent theme, this will help you get the desired help. Just be sure to add your function.php tweaks after that last open PHP tag.

Apart from this, you can make any other changes that you need to fix your website and change it in whatever way you want. It can include headers, footers, templates or any other thing.

What to remember?

When you are handling a website on WordPress, you need to remember that not everyone is a pro. Considering the complex process of handling the website's customization, it is natural for you to feel overwhelmed with the amount of coding to be done. However, if you feel that you cannot get in touch with what you really want then you can hire a WordPress development company and get their help to do it.

Some tips for customizations

Even if you have the help of WordPress support services, here is what you should remember:

  • By customizations, you should understand and eliminate the areas that you do not like.
  • Remember your brand and product.
  • Consider what your audience wants.

With that in mind, remember to research well on the company or firm you hire. Have discussions, talk to them and then get your customizations in movement.

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