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How To Clone Or Duplicate Any Android Apps on Xiaomi Phone

Posted on the 25 October 2020 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Hey guys, let’s show you how you can easily clone or duplicate your android application on your Xiaomi phone without using a third party application.

How To Clone or Duplicate Any Android Application on Xiaomi Phone

Some time back, I posted how to duplicate any android application using a third-party app, if you’d like to see the post and how to duplicate or clone your Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp application click here to read.

How To Clone or Duplicate Any Application Without Third-Party App

Don’t worry, our today’s post will be as quick as possible 😉

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If you’re on your phone, quickly go to “Settings” >>> Click “Apps” and click “Dual apps

On the “Dual apps” space, turn on the app you would like to duplicate or clone

Once you turn on the app you want to duplicate, you will get a message like the one below

Duplicate Android Application

Just click “Turn On”, after clicking the turn on button, it will show you “Icon added to your home screen” after the application has been duplicated.

Now, go to your home screen and you will see your duplicated or cloned application.



The tutorial looks simple right? If yes, why not try it out and tell us how it goes by using the comment section below.

And remember, if you want to duplicate your android app on other android phones or devices, follow the tutorial found here.

Let’s Talk

Hope you like and understand the tutorial? Do you have comments, questions, or thoughts you’d love to share with me? Please do this by using the comment section below.

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Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and much appreciated.

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