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How to Choose Your Accessories

By Attireclub @attireclub

The way you look influences not only how others perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself. Having your own style is important because it will make you more adept to grasp and display who you are. Having your own style will therefore make you feel energetic and dynamic and ready to conquer the world.

On Attire Club, we often discuss how accessories are a great tool to complete a look. Wearing the right items will make you ready for any situation. However, finding good accessories can be hard, especially if you are looking to make a cohesive and coherent collection, which is what many sartorially-interested men and especially style rookies want.

However, we don't recommend buying only items that are very similar to one another. You want to mix things up. Certain brands offer accessories that are both similar to one another and different at the same time. One such example is Australian label Joel Wade, which offers a stylish collection of ties, bow ties, pocket squares and much more that can help you style up your game. They are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign, where they are gathering funds for a collection of beautiful watches. The fact that they are appealing to a crowdfunding platform shows that their accessories have been welcomed by the public and that there is a true interest in them. Finding great accessories can be easier than you thought, but you have to know where to look, which is why we enjoy making recommendations.

Before setting up to buy accessories or to wear pieces you already have, there are a few things you should consider. These are not unbreakable rules, but rather simple tips you can follow for great effects.

Without further ado, here is how to choose your accessories:

How to Choose Your Accessories

Many accessories have a practical function. Such accessories fulfill a role or help you with something or are indispensable. For example, glasses fall in this category. While there are men who wear glasses just because they look good with them on, most people who wear them have a true medical need for them. Wearing practical accessories does not mean they don't have to be stylish. For example, knowing how to choose your glasses according to your face shape will give you a great sartorial experience while helping your wellbeing and health.

Other accessories that you need to wear for practical reasons usually involve a function while you are doing your job, such as gloves or special headgear.

How to Choose Your Accessories

Whatever fashion choice you make, you must always consider the setting for which you are dressing up. In this sense, you should always remember that flashy colors or patterns usually work best in casual environments only, while darker colors are suited for both casual and more formal settings. To give some examples, we can categorize as casual contexts such as going out, taking a walk or running errands and as dressy settings such as a work or business environment, a special occasion party or a theater or opera hall.

When you are choosing your accessories according to the setting in which you will be wearing them, you should also pay attention to their material. While most materials are OK with most casual settings, in dressy settings you should only wear high-quality fabrics such as silk, gold or silver. Plastic, copper or zirconium don't really work in a more formal context.

How to Choose Your Accessories

When you are choosing your accessories, there are certain aesthetic considerations you need to make.

  1. Their size. First of all, for great sartorial results, you should always wear accessories that are proportionate to your size. In this sense, bigger men should wear wide ties, wide belts and bigger bow ties, while smaller men can wear skinny ties, thin bracelets and so on.
  2. Their vibe. The vibe of an accessory is quite hard to define, but we can describe it as the impression a certain item leaves on the wearer. For example, a vintage tie can leave an old-time feeling, a wooden piece can leave an eco-friendly impression, and a neon plastic wristband can convey a party atmosphere. Therefore, we recommend to always go beyond what an accessory is and also see what emotion it carries with it. When you are putting on accessories, think of the way in which they go with your clothes, your personal aesthetic and vibe and with the other accessories you wear.

Depending on the case, sometimes accessories from very different aesthetic categories can work together. We love the high and low mix, for example. In most cases though or, if you want to go for a safe bet, you should only wear accessories from a single category. If you are going for precious jewels, stick with them from head to toe and don't mix in any plastics unless you are sure that the combination will work.

How to Choose Your Accessories

One's personal style is probably the most important thing to consider when you are choosing your accessories. Feeling comfortable with what you wear will make you feel confident and strong and will give you a positive attitude that will definitely show.

Always make sure you are wearing only items that represent you: who you are, maybe who you were and who you want to be. Feeling represented by your looks is what true style and fashion is all about.

Choosing the best accessories for your body, for the occasion and for your personality will make you both feel and look positive, polished and powerful. This is why, investing time, money and, more than anything thought in your image is one of the best investments you can make.

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