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How To Choose The Maid Of Honor

By Olga

Original content: How To Choose The Maid Of Honor

When you choose the maid of honor for your big day, it’s important to make the choice based not only on who you’re closest to, but also who will be able to carry out the maid of honor duties the best. Lots of factors will influence your decision, and some of them will cause complications you might not want to think about. Friends, future family, and current family members all want to be there for you.


1. You’re Not Solving A Math Problem

Whomever you choose to be your maid of honor, it shouldn’t be because they ended up being the answer to some incredibly complex computation. Your wedding party should be made up of those closest to you; those without whom you cannot imagine your wedding day. Whether your best friend, your sister or someone else close to you, when you choose your maid of honor, it should be because that’s who you want standing by your side and helping you through the wedding preparations. Your maid of honor should be someone whose presence is soothing and supportive.

2. You Have A Trump Card

While you don’t necessarily have to choose a family member over a friend, doing so can help you avoid causing dissension among those closest to you.  Again, your maid of honor should be someone you’re very close with and provides a soothing, supportive presence; if that’s your best friend and not your sister, that’s all right. If you feel you have to avoid hurting one or more of your friends, choosing a family member can diffuse the situation.

3. You Don’t Have To Be Traditional

Although it’s traditional to have one maid of honor, there’s no law saying you can’t choose two or more. This is a good option for a group of friends or family members that get along well and will be able to function as a unit, without being jealous of one another. If you have friends or family members who don’t get along, you can give them separate responsibilities for things like the bridal shower, the bachelorette party and more.

There are no set rules that say you have to choose your maid of honor from your girlfriends and female family members. You can choose a guy friend to be your “maid of honor” and take on all the responsibilities therein. Gender isn’t the division that it used to be, and more egalitarian attitudes are leading brides to choose their brother, their dad, their best friend or even an uncle or cousin.

4. The Final Decision

Remember, it’s your big day and when you choose your maid of honor, it should be because you really want them to act in that capacity.

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