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How to Choose the Best Sash Window Fitters

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
How to choose the best sash window fitters

Sash windows are a lovely feature to enhance the character of a house, but it's can be difficult to find the best sash window fitters sometimes. It may be because it's such a specialised and niche skill ,or maybe the good joiners and companies are very busy. To try and help, here's a few tips on how to choose the best sash window fitters.

Experience counts

When choosing the best sash window fitters, experience really does count. Look for a company or joiners that have many years experience, for example London Box Sash Window s have over forty years experience of manufacturing and fitting quality sash windows in London and are a very friendly sash window fitting team.

Familiar with latest technology

Like any industry and product, sash windows today include the latest technology - e.g. microporous paint systems, draught sealing and double glazing. By ensuring your potential sash window fitters have experience in installing the latest technology in sash windows, you can be reassured of a quality installation.

Great reputation

Just like most tradesmen, the best sash window fitters generally are the ones with the best reputation. Referrals and 'word of mouth' speak volumes, and with a specialised skill such as sash window fitting, the best sash window fitters will have very a high (perhaps more than 80%) proportion of their work by referral alone.

Manufacturers make the best sash window fitters

Of course, it's entirely possible that a joinery company could build a reputation and experience of fitting sash windows. However, it's more likely that a company that manufactures sash windows (as well as just fitting them) will be a wiser choice if you're looking to choose the best sash windows fitters.

Here's why.

When a company manufactures sash windows as well as fitting them, they know all the 'ins and outs' of the product, the foibles and nuances of each component. The best way to install sash windows, where special care needs to be taken, how to spot any defects or issues and many other aspects all combine to help produce the best quality of installation, and often only comes from experience a manufacturer would obtain.

Trusted craftsmen

Craftsmen - the very word brings an aura of confidence, reassurance and competence, doesn't it? Especially in today's high technology and fast-paced world, knowing there are still craftsmen in the industry today, who take pride in hand-crafting quality products warms the heart.

So it stands to reason, if you're looking how to choose the best sash window fitters, considering a family-run company with decades of experience as craftsmen in windows, doors and similar joinery will reap dividends.

Conclusion: the best sash window fitters

Sash windows, French doors and Casement windows all should be installed by experts - so look for the very best craftsmen, and they will be the best sash window fitters.

Look for the ones with great reputation - whose work speaks for itself in bringing in new business - and are familiar with latest technology, and (ideally) those who manufacture as well as installing, and you'll surely be pleased with the result.

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