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How to Choose a New Kitchen in Sheffield

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
How to Choose a New Kitchen in Sheffield

So it's time to choose a new kitchen, you live in Sheffield and you don't know where to start. You've perhaps seen a fancy kitchen in a magazine or one of those TV shows. Maybe you'd rather just listen to some expert advice, or not sure about what you need? Well, worry not, because here's a guide to help how to choose a new kitchen in Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

5 things you should look for first

The secret to choosing a new kitchen in Sheffield is quite simple really - find the right local stockist, designer and installation company.

Five criteria to help you choose the best kitchen specialist in Sheffield are :-

  1. Ideally, find a family-run company who have years of experience. Avoid the big chains, as they often only do one job - or design - and don't have local knowledge or reputations.
  2. Design is pivotal, and it needs to be done in-house (installers often blame external designers for their problems) and it helps immensely if the designer has experience of the kitchen products supplied.
  3. Project Management - similar to design, this needs covering to provide a link from design to installation, as well as supervising the craftsmen.
  4. Supplying quality equipment from leading manufactures, at prices to suit every budget.
  5. Kitchen showrooms in Sheffield are preferential, especially if you'd like to look at how the kitchens actually look when installed, or perhaps you're just looking for inspiration?

One such example of a reputable supplier, is Classique Interior s who have been designing, managing and installing quality kitchens in Sheffield and Rotherham for over 35 years.

Design and Budget considerations for your new kitchen

Now you've narrowed down your search and found a reputable kitchen installation company it's far easier to choose your new kitchen in Sheffield.

However, before you think about design - or get tempted by those TV shows and magazines - it's always wisest to consider your requirements and set a budget.

Actually, setting a budget should be the first thing to do - as it saves you get tempted by those gorgeous kitchens with all those added features. However, this is often easier said than done, because it's difficult to accurately price up a kitchen and equipment without knowing prices.

This is why it's always a great idea to visit an existing showroom, to look for ideas and inspiration, but with a sketch of your actual available space. With some expert design advice, it's easy to know what will actually fit first, and then decide what you require afterwards!

Finally, the very last consideration often is the brand and budget for your appliances. A common mistake buyers of new kitchens make is to focus more on high-end, 'big ticket price' appliances and then scrimp on the rest of the kitchen design. Similarly, work surfaces and sinks can often push the price up, so this is another reason why it's better to visit a showroom and speak to an expert designer first.

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