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How to Choose a Coffee Cup

By Zhangyaohui

There’s nothing like that first sip of coffee on a bright and early morning to start your day. But do you know how to chooes a coffee cup?

Standard coffee cups are complete, including cups, cups, and saucers.

American coffee can be placed on the plate with milk and sugar for easy distribution according to personal taste. Some cafes also use cups and saucers to place cookies.

Ordinary glass cups have the risk of bursting when they are cold and hot, so coffee cups usually need to choose materials with higher temperature tolerance, such as ceramics, in which bone china has better insulation effect than ordinary ceramics, which can make coffee in In the cup, the temperature drops more slowly and the mouthfeel is guaranteed to a greater extent.

1 the size of the coffee cup

●Small coffee cup: Below 100CC, mainly used for Italian concentration, such as Espresso.

● Medium-sized coffee cup: about 200CC, the most common coffee cup, you can add milk and sugar yourself.

● Large coffee cup: 300CC or more, mainly used for fancy coffee with more milk foam, such as latte and mocha.

cat paw coffe cup
cat paw coffee cup

2 the material of the coffee cup

● Porcelain cup: The most widely used coffee cup, white porcelain cup can better observe the color density of coffee. Divided into white porcelain, bone china, etc., the glaze has different colors and patterns.

● Pottery cup: It is made of clay and has a rough surface and strong texture. The disadvantage is that the rough surface is easy to hide and is not conducive to cleaning.

●Glass: The transparent cup wall can better show the level of fancy coffee, and the double-layer glass has better insulation effect. The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not very good, so it is more used for ice coffee.

● Plastic cup: It is necessary to use PP material with good heat resistance (the bottom of the cup is marked with “5”). Ordinary plastic cups in hot coffee, not only the smell of the cup after heating will destroy the original taste of the coffee, affecting the taste, and may also dilute the toxic chemicals contained in the cup into the water.

●Metal cups: Metal cups usually have a good texture, but metal is a good conductor of heat. It is used for coffee to dissipate heat too quickly and is not convenient for warm cups. And the metal element may be dissolved in an acidic environment, and it is not safe to use an acidic beverage.

Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug

3 the cup mouth of the coffee cup

● Straight cup: The cup wall and the table top are vertical, the coffee entrance is more concentrated, and the taste bud directly contacts the sweet area and the middle area, and the taste is more balanced.

● Wide mouth cup: The cup mouth is relatively large and will expand outwards. This also makes the coffee better contact with the wider taste buds, letting your tongue feel the complete flavor of the coffee, especially the acid flavor experience.

Enamel coffee cup
Enamel coffee cup

4 the thickness of the coffee cup

● Thick-walled cup: It is good for heat preservation and suitable for latte, calico and other fancy coffee.

●Thin wall cup: It has a more delicate touch of the population. It can feel the different flavors of coffee from hot to cold and is more suitable for single product coffee.

cat coffee cup
cat coffee cup

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