How to Cancel Your Wedding!

Posted on the 08 April 2021 by Weddicious

Couples who planned a 2020 or 2021 wedding faced a global pandemic shutting down all doors. While some shifted their plans for a later date, others have downright thrown in the towel and cancelled their wedding. Are you looking to postpone or cancel your wedding too?

Thinking of postponing or cancelling your wedding?

Postponing or cancelling a wedding means a spectrum of changes of plans. From dealing with family members to coordinating with vendors and guests, the strain of stress edges insanity. But before you are overwhelmed with all the chaos, we have a step-by step guide on how to cancel and re-plan your wedding.

Newly married couple who didn't have to cancel their wedding
Many couples had to postpone or cancel their wedding in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Got Insurance?

If you have insurance, make sure to call them to explore their policies. Check out what they cover and how they can help in any way, especially dealing with vendors. A lot of insurance companies cover for the vendors. Although they don’t cover entirely, but it is wise to get all the help you can get. In the circumstances that you don’t have insurance, don’t worry about it. Just think of making the best of the situation.

Consult a Professional

Often when stressed, we let our emotions get the best of us. Don’t let it happen when it comes to your wedding. If you have a wedding planner, talk to them before you make a move. In case you don’t have one, consult with your venue or caterer. Be open to their ideas and share feedback. Then again, if you are going to cancel your wedding anyway, take charge and do whatever you feel is right. In the end, it’s your wedding and no one can take it away from you.

Understand the Financials

When cancelling your wedding, you should realize the financial loss you have to incur. These losses may be from pre-paid fees as most vendors do not have a cancellation policy, nor are they refundable in many cases. If you are relocating or even postponing, the prices may not remain the same. Take into consideration the additional time and work the vendors have to put in, and therefore, will definitely want compensation.

If the vendors are also not informed ahead of time, they may already order the products. Foods and flowers are perishable and so, letting your vendors know in the 11th hour may result in you having to pay the costs for the items.

Let Guests Know

It is wise to let your guests know that the plans have changed as soon as possible. A lot of your guests may be making special arrangements such as buying their dresses or tickets to attend your wedding. So communicate about the changes to save them the hassle.

Communication doesn’t have to be too tiresome! Although phone calls are the proper etiquette, but you can also send emails to inform them of the changes. Keep calm and write the message on a happy note.

Discuss with Your Venue

Bear in mind that it might be next to impossible to book a venue again in a short notice. Once you have firmly made your decision that you are going to cancel your wedding, put the plan in motion by cancelling the booking of your venue. It might be heart wrenching, and so, make sure you have your partner to comfort you. Speaking of which, do make sure you’re on the same boat.

Discuss with Hired Vendors

Now that you have spoken to the venue, you need to contact your vendors to cancel on them. Make sure you reach out to them with ample time in hand, perhaps with over 3 weeks in hand, so they don’t already start preparing for the wedding. On the off chance that you’re late to reach them, as mentioned earlier, be prepared to cover the costs that amount up.
Instead of emailing your vendors like you did to your guests, it is preferable to call them directly. First of all, call the services that start work prior to the wedding day such as the florists, bakers, stationery designers and so on. Secondly, call the services who are to work on the wedding day itself, such as the photographer, videographer, musicians and caterers.
A good start to postponement or cancellation would be to make a list of your progress so far and work your way backwards. Thus, you are unlikely to miss anything as you track back to call off everything.

Any Other Option?

Scrapping your wedding is not the only route to take. In fact, there is a 3rd option to choose from, one that is quite adventurous. Wondering what it is? It’s eloping with your partner. Sound crazy, right? But a lot of couples have found elopement to be the best option given the circumstances.
You can choose to elope with your partner now for a small ceremony and then host a reception down the line to celebrate with your loved ones.
Once you cancel your wedding, planning an elopement is a breeze. Here are a few easy guidelines to get you going.

Pick a Place

A lot of people opt for outdoor environments when planning for an elopement ceremony. Consider the weather and accessibility of your preferred location. The different seasons also play a role in making a location look appealing. Make sure you do your homework on the place you choose to host your ceremony.

Pick a date

Talk to your vendors about a suitable date, and ask them if they can make it to the new location. If not, ask them for references of other vendors. The date should also correspond with the outlook you want, for instance a spring or winter wedding. Or pick any date which is special to the two of you.

Don’t forget the photographer

Your florist and baker are important, but not as important as your photographer. If you are to commemorate your special day, you will need to have a photographer who specializes in outdoor wedding photography. A good photographer can use nature as brilliant props instead of having to rely on a florist or planner for good décor. In some cases, a local photographer might also be helpful to find intricate places worth taking photos at.

The Other Vendors

Just because you are having a small scale wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to go all out. Make the most of your opportunities. The other vendors may not be as vital, but make sure to contact your makeup artist, your chef, florist, etc. However, it’s better to contact local vendors for flowers and food.

Your Attire

Be sure that the environment complements your attire. While flowy, light coloured dresses look gorgeous in outdoor elopements, places with high altitudes might require you to wear something warmer. Also, discuss with your photographer as they may want to play with color contrasts and may have ideas which you may like.

Finalize details

If the destination you are eloping to is far away, you will need accommodation for the night. Search for rentals in the surroundings beforehand. Make a list of the arrangements you made and go over them regularly.

Final Words

Remember that the most important part of the wedding isn’t the wedding itself but what it represents, i.e. the marriage and the partner you choose to be with. Doesn’t matter if you have a grand wedding or if it’s just you and your partner, just make it an experience worth cherishing.

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