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How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

By Lisa @Lisapatb

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 7 Superb Ways

You have passion for blogging, and you started a blog . Now it's time to prove your expertise by dishing out valuable content. But unfortunately you run out of content ideas, right?

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

Is that you, my friend?

Good, you've found a solution, I will show you How to brainstorm blog post ideas in 7 different ways. Grab a bowl of popcorn already!

The 7 Ways on How to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas:

Look Inside Forums

One of the best place to find great content ideas are forums. The majority of forums have questions left unanswered. As a content creator, you must learn to utilize niche related forums.

Browse your related topic, find questions that are gaining much attention, and list them down on your WordPad or Evernote.

The juicy part of forums is that you will have enough trending topics to add to your list. People ask questions on issues they are currently battling.

I am an active member of Warrior Forum, I contribute there and also find hidden content ideas. See blog topics I encounter just by scrolling through.

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

Those are ideas I will have spent quality time brainstorming. You can utilize any forum of your choice. Warrior Forum and Quora are suitable for a start. Just make sure to browse your niche, regardless of the forum.

Use Google Auto Suggest

Google is the biggest search engine. Guess what? They have an underutilized tool you can leverage to uncover many blog post ideas. It's called "Google Auto Suggest."

It's easy, start typing a few niche related word, Google will provide you with ideas you probably would not have thought of.

For instance, Typing in "weight loss," Google did me a solid by suggesting the most search topics around weight loss.

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

Google Auto Suggest will provide you with topics people are continuously searching for. You don't need to check if it's trending or not. Once the suggestions are google, They are topics worth writing on.

Repurpose Old Content

Repurposing old content is a trend among pro bloggers, newbies too can leverage it. It simply means re-using old content to create a new one.

It's easy to re-produce content in another format. I am not talking about duplicate content (that's a spammy practice).

Assuming you publish a post on "how to promote your business on Twitter," You can repurpose it to a brand new content, "13 Twitter tips for Marketers." The idea of repurposing content works well for creative minds.

That doesn't imply that you overthink it, but it's possible to use a single content in more than different 7 ways. You just have to be creative.

Take Notice of Blog Comments

Blog comments play a significant role on every blog. They are indications that your content solves readers' problems. However, if properly utilized, they can serve as a means of gathering hundreds of content ideas.

As a content creator, you must engage and respond to comments on your blog. It helps to understand your readers better. You will also get blog topic suggestions that can improve your blog's value.

See below screenshot:

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

I noticed these comments from my readers, persuading that I write an Authority Pro Theme Review . It's a topic I otherwise will never consider (not anytime soon). Comments are powerful; they do a lot and should be considered a vital blogging tool.

Steal Competitors' Ideas

Even Pro bloggers steal content ideas from other bloggers. It's a legit act in as much as you are not stealing their content (you don't want to face copyright issues). One way to do it correctly is to link back to the original content. They will appreciate that!

You probably have top bloggers you admire in your niche, browse through their blog, list down topics you can cover extensively.

There is no use to this approach if you will end up producing mediocre content. You are racing with top bloggers. You must make sure your content is not sub-standard.

Turn a Poll into a Blog Post

You can conveniently run polls from your blog or social media. It's more comfortable to do on social media platforms and can easily reach tons of people in no time.

One of the best ways to brainstorm blog post ideas is by using polls. Do you know how to use a poll to get your next post idea?

Just ask users to vote, turn their results into flexible data, and publish it, so they read. Lisa does this frequently on Twitter whenever she wants to release a new blog post.

Do you like seeing SHARE buttons before AND after content OR just after content?🤔👩‍💻

#sharebuttons #socialmedia #contentmarketing

- Lisa Sicard 👩‍💻🧡🌞 (@Lisapatb) May 15, 2020

However, a more relatable example is asking users to vote, which do they prefer between Google Meet and Zoom. It's a trending topic at the moment.

They will also drop comments backing their vote. Now, a new blog post idea just landed on your list.

So I did a new Google meeting yesterday. It doesn't compare to Zoom in quality or with options. #zoom 💻📺

Has anyone tested the new Facebook rooms? 🧐#videomeetings

- Lisa Sicard 👩‍💻🧡🌞 (@Lisapatb) May 16, 2020

Leverage a Content Idea Generator

This is the most straightforward approach. First, type in seed keywords. Then, a content generator tool will help you unleash hundreds of ideas you can capitalize on.

The most recent free tool I use is Ubbersuggest, look like it's now a premium tool. Although, you can still get a few content ideas with an open plan. Register with your Google account and you are all set to get started.

Head over to Ubbersuggest , Click the tab for content ideas. Let's run an example with "Content Marketing." See below the list of excellent post topics it generated:

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

By all means, you should filter the topics and remove unrelated ones. Then, create a neat topic list and add them to your content calendar.

Conclusion of How to Brainstorm Blog Ideas Today

Of course, blogging is like a marathon, not a sprint. If you get things right from unset, you have a higher chance of staying long in the game. I have just shown you how to brainstorm blog post ideas in 7 different ways and I hope you find them useful and take action.

Lastly, do you know any blogger struggling with content ideas? Please share this content with them.

We'd love to know if you have more ideas to add to this one. Do leave a comment below and share on social!

How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

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