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How To: Boost-up The Number of Comments On Your Blog

Posted on the 25 January 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters

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How do you estimate activity of a blog? The simplest way is to check the comments and social shares that happen on the blog. For blogging folks it is really hard to maintain the number of comments on their blog and when it comes to insightful comments, it becomes much harder. Have you checked out of Adrienne Smith and of Susan Neal? How do these blogging giants manage to get this much comments? If you own a blog or owned a blog in past then you might be aware how difficult it is to get worth-reading comments on your blog posts. Today! I’m going to cover how you can increase the number of comments on your blog posts.

Comment on Other Blogs

After observing few blogs, I got to know that the bloggers who get more comments are actually a networking machine. You can find them everywhere. I saw few common faces on every single blog I visited. So, after observing them I started commenting on few blogs, and then slowly I increased my reach. It was turning out to be a comment exchange game, the more I commented the more visitors and commenters I grew on my blog.

Reward Commenters

This is the best way to increase the number of comments, you must be thinking that how you could reward the commenters. Here is a simple answer: the smallest reward you can offer to your commenters is to provide them a link to their latest post. You just have to install a Comment Luv Plugin for this. If you want to offer something more interesting then you can reward your commenters with incentives like free webhost or a free domain name or a backlink to their site for a whole month. The last one (backlink to their site) make commenters more happy as most of the commenters look for engagement and if you can help them by sending some of your loyal readers to their blog then this is more compelling, it would increase the interest of commenters on your blog.


What about giving your readers some time to read, share and comment on your articles? I have seen many blogs which fail to get more comments. I have observed a big blog but I’m not going to mention it, that blog publish 1 article and sometimes more than 1 article a day. I observed few articles and I saw different commenters on every article, all of them were loyal (their comments defined their intention). It means if the blog owner would have published those articles with less publishing frequency then those articles might have got more exposure and more comments.


Few people comment to get a backlink to their site, but everyone is not same, everyone has a different intention. Some of your commenters look to interact with you and try to make good relations with you and your blog. Strive to understand their intention and interact with them, the more you would interact the more they will visit you.


This seems difficult but it is not difficult at all, just before finishing your article, throw a question at your readers. Try to end up your article with a question, if you will ask the questions at the end then your readers are more likely to answer your questions, because the last thing they read on your blog before commenting is that question and they may begin their comment with the answer and sometimes the people who are not intended to comment on your blog might comment because they just want to answer the question.


Getting comments is easy but getting insightful comments on your articles require too much struggle, begin your journey today to get more comments and share your results with me. Would you like to share how much comments do you get on your articles?

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