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How to Become One of MAYBELLINE’s 2014 BB Top Models

By Ethel Merioles @kaxmerio


Princess Snell Maybelline

Finally you and Princess Snell may have something in common! In case nobody has heard of it by now, Maybelline New York is now looking for BB models! Now is the time to (or in this case, get rid of) shine, girls!

Here's a bit of information about the contest: Interested ladies ages 15 and above can join via the 2014 BB TOP MODELS Application on the MAYBELLINE Philippines Facebook Page from November 4 to November 30, 2013. Candidates should provide the following for participation to be valid: (1) Headshot (2) Body Shot (3) One-sentence statement on why they believe they should be a MAYBELLINE BB Cream Top Model.

Click here to enter the contest!

Now there are 16 days left for interested parties to join the contest, and I think it's high time to encourage the young Filipinas out there who are still too shy (and maybe inexperienced?) to put on make up and join. I mean, what will a 15-year-old wear for her headshot right?

Maybelline New York BB Cream 8-in-1 Model Search

Advice #1: I'm not much of a beauty junkie, but I can say this much: The best offense is a good defense. So, drink lots of water. Get absolutely clear skin that makes makeup application easy. If you just hit it bad in the genetics lottery, don't despair. Just turn to my second advice.

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth BB Cream

Maybelline New York's Clear Smooth Line: (from L-R) Clear Stick, BB White and BB Cream

Advice #2: Moisturize! OK so I don't really drink that plenty of water myself. But I do use moisturizing gunk on my face twice a day! And I've found that a properly moisturized skin is ideal when applying makeup.

Advice #3: Joining the Maybelline BB Top Model Search may require you to use their own products. Duh. It's also cool to note that ALL MAYBELLINE BB PRODUCTS ARE AT P50 OFF ALL MONTH OF NOVEMBER! So, if you have normal or dry skin (like if your skin tends to tighten up right after cleansing/toning), go for the Clear Smooth BB Cream! It's quite cheap at Php259, and it's pretty lightweight. If you have fair to medium skin, do choose the Natural variant.

Maybelline New York BB Cream 8-in-1 Applied

Maybelline New York BB Cream 8-in-1 After

BB Cream blended in

Maybelline New York 8-in-1 BB White

You can also try BB White, though its formulation is a tad bit thicker and lighter. It can set you back by Php299.

Advice #4: Suffering from an oily T-zone? You can try Maybelline's Clear Stick! I like that the Fresh variant is a neutral beige, making the product easy to use as a heavy concealer or highlighter. I like this product!

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth Clear Stick

ONLY Php289, and comes in Fresh (beige) and Radiance shades

Advice #5: Know your best angle. If you need to tilt your head up a bit, bite your tongue, squint a bit at the camera or whatever, make sure you put your best face forward for a terrific head shot! The same deal goes for the body shot. Pose for the camera, and do your best!   Anything else you'd like to know just leave a question in the comments. Good luck!

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