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How To Be Perfect (Hint: Add Two Letters)

By Saraholeary @saraholeary
Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Beach, Westhaven, California.   Okay – Mother Nature does get it perfect sometimes! But we don’t expect her to!

Do you have an half-finished creative project tucked away in a drawer somewhere?

Or perhaps your project is still in that gorgeous, partially-formed idea stage. It appears so beautifully – so perfectly – in your mind’s eye.

Maybe you’ve never even taken the first step toward execution.

And might that be because you have a sneaking feeling that this real-life version will be a far-cry from that perfect vision you’ve been imagining?

If this sounds even vaguely familiar, then you, like me, might be a victim of the dreaded disease:  Perfection Paralysis.

Here’s my personal medicine for this affliction:

Done is better than Perfect!

You can find out more in this (extremely imperfect) video rendition.

How To Be Perfect (Hint: Add Two Letters)

So… what do you think? (No! I don’t mean about how I appear on video!) How does the idea of “Perfection Paralysis” land with you?

Will you take the challenge? What can you do this week to show up – perfectly imperfect – but DONE?!

Tell us in the comments.


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