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How to Be Better in Your Relationship (or Dating Life)

By Shanlakes
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1. Surprise them, keep your significant other on their toes.
2. Take care of yourself: get your haircut, work out, eat healthy, don't wait too long to get a wax or groom yourself. These are the little things that people do in the beginning, and let go of once they get comfortable in the relationship.
3.  Travel together.
4. Form relationships with their family and friends.
5. Be affectionate-not just when you are trying to make your territory.
6. Trust them unconditionally...until they give you a reason not to.
7. Do things for them that you aren't necessarily dying to do. Do you really want to go see the new Channing Tatum movie? Would you really rather watch speed skating in the olympics than the Bachelor when you get home from work? No...of course not. But love isn't just about making big's the little ones too.
8. Make the first move, make them feel like you want them.
9. Never drop the gloves and fight dirty. Name calling, or any time of mental abuse should never be tolerated. It's normal to fight, but when the fighting gets ugly, the relationship normally suffers irreparable damage.
10. Remember if you want your girl to act like a lady, you need to treat her like a gentleman. And vis versa girls! 

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