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How to Be an Ebay Queen

By Remielund @remsluxuryblog


My name is Remie and I’m an Ebay addict. I’m also an impulse shopper, so my house is full of all kinds of things that I’ll probably never use and clothes I’ll probably never wear. As a result, Ebay is my best friend. I’m a little obsessed with Ebay, especially as a buyer but every so often, usually a few weeks before I go on holiday, I’ll list a few items on Ebay and make a few extra pennies. However, Ebay selling isn’t always fun and games. There are traps waiting at every stage of the selling process so it’s possible that you could end up with less money than you started with. Here are a few simple tips for Ebay selling success.

Download the App

This won’t make you a better Ebay seller but it does make listing items quicker and easier. Download the Ebay App on your phone and you can list an item in minutes. You don’t have to connect your phone to your laptop to upload the pictures of your items as you can simply take the photos by using the camera on your phone and click to add them to your listing. This also means that you can monitor your progress on the move. Ebay will notify you when someone bids on your items, if something sells or if you receive a message from a potential buyer. It also makes a Cha Ching sound when something sells. Always nice to hear.

Do Your Research

Before you list an item, do a search on Ebay to see if anyone else is selling the same thing. If 20 other people are selling their River Island Kaftan for under £10 and you list yours at £15 then yours is not going to sell. So make sure you do your research and price your item accordingly.

Get the Timing Right

The time of day you list your item is important as this will affect when it ends. Keep this in mind when listing your item and try to avoid listing items very early in the morning or late at night. People will be sleeping not bidding.

Create a Cracking Title

There might be lots of people out there scouring Ebay to find an item just like yours but if your title is weak, no one will find it. Make sure that you include relevant information such as the brand name, the colour, the size and any other words that describe the materials or the design. No one will find your black dress but they will find your Black Lace Missguided Bodycon Dress.

Include Lots of Photos

Ebay doesn’t charge you per photo so you can upload up to 12 photos for free. Take advantage of this and include photos from every angle as well as close up shots of the tags, the label and any design features. Be wary of where you take photos. Don’t take pictures in the bathroom (even if it does have the best light) and do not under any circumstances be naked. Reflective surfaces are not your friend.

Include a Buy It Now Price

As an Ebay seller, impatient people are your bread and butter. Add a buy it now price and give people the option to get their hands on your item quicker.

Learn the Postage Rules

As an Ebay seller, you are in charge of packaging your item and posting it to the buyer. Think about this before you decide to sell a microwave or something equally as big and bulky. I recently did this with a Mac Vanity Case and still haven’t posted it as I have no idea how to (ooooooops). I have lost out countless times by underestimating the cost of postage and packaging (selling a nail polish for 99p then overpaying by £1.99 on postage is not fun) so take a little time to learn about postage costs. It’s boring but it means you might actually make some money on your item.

How to Pack your Item

Once your item sells you will need to visit your local post office to pick up some supplies. You will need labels, jiffy bags and brown paper. As tempting as it is to use old jiffy bags, try to refrain as this will only make buyers judge you. Take your items with you so you don’t have to guess what size packaging you will need. If the item is easy to wrap for example a book or a DVD, I tend to wrap it in brown paper as this is the cheapest option. I also write the addresses on in neon highlighters but that’s optional. However, if you are posting clothing, I would suggest buying a postal bag.

Don’t buy the smallest bag that your item will fit in. For years, I’ve folded items of clothing as small as they would go and stuffed them into small bags. This will cost you more. Instead, buy a large postal bag and fold the item only once so it is as thin and flat as possible. Spreading out the item so it is thinner will allow you to send large clothing items for as little as £3.20 first class. Ebay now suggests the postage price for you so you don’t have to guess but if you have ever trusted this price and been stung, it’s probably because you’ve packed it incorrectly. Always remember that the postage price you provide buyers with has to cover the cost of your packaging too.

Presentation is Key

If you want the buyer to add you to their list of favorite sellers, don’t send clothing that is creased to the max or clothing that is covered in dust. Use a lint roller on all items of clothing before you pack them and iron it get your mom to iron it if needs be. Tissue paper is a nice touch (I always used to use pretty tissue) but it will add to your postage costs as it makes your items bulky. Don’t forget to pop in your blog business card if you have a blog!

Post the Items ASAP

As soon as your item has sold, pack it and post it as soon as possible. Leaving it a day or two will only ensure you get bad feedback. This is not a time to be leisurely. Some people make millions on Ebay, if you get bad feedback, this will never be you.

Always Get Proof of Postage

Before you leave the post office, get a receipt. This will be a total godsend should the item not arrive. This also puts a stop to those pesky people who say it hasn’t arrived even if it has (naughty Ebay buyers). Don’t forget to include your address on the sender section of the mail bag so it will find its way back to you if it doesn’t reach the buyer.

Give your Readers First Dibs

Take to Twitter and let your blog readers know about your Ebay bargains!

Don’t Take Any Shit

You can be the most fabulous Ebay seller but it won’t always be plain sailing. Expect bizarre messages and very odd questions. Questions like ‘Do you think this dress will suit my skin tone? and ‘Do you think my Mum would like this? Or simple facts like “Your feet look nice in those shoes’. *shiver* People will try and haggle so prepare yourself for this. Stay strong. Just yesterday, an Ebay member emailed me to say if the item was cheaper he would buy it. Some people will not recognize that your brand new River Island bikini is a bargain at £2.99 but take the higher ground.

I hope this helps you on your quest to be an Ebay Queen or King. I have lots and lots of bargains in my Ebay shop so feel free to have a look! Happy bidding!

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How to Be an Ebay Queen

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