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How to Avoid the Bridezilla Syndrome

By Weddingblog2011

When the word ‘bridezilla’ is mentioned, you immediately get images of women in wedding gowns with tear-streaked faces running with mascara, ranting, raving, and generally being impossible to deal with on their supposed special day. If you do not want to find yourself slipping into the all too familiar bridezilla syndrome, here are some tips to get you shining radiantly on your wedding day.

Whatever goals you set must be realistic. If your wedding is in four months, you cannot expect to accomplish as much as a person who has her wedding planned for the next twelve months. You can either choose to make the best of the situation with the time given or extend the engagement date until you can get everything you require.

Make sure your expectations are clarified and well-defined before the wedding day. The culprit for most bridezilla syndromes come when brides discover that their expectations are not fulfilled or met at the last minute. To make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure all contracts – verbal or written – are signed and set in stone. Explain how things are to work to friends and families so they are on the same page. If everyone is made aware of your intentions early, then there are bound to be little to no problems by the wedding day.

Have a to-do list that is followed closely. You’d be surprised at how many bridezillas forget this little fact because it makes things so much easier.

Do not be afraid to hire a wedding planner, bridal consultant or even a best friend that will work closely with you during the months to the big day. This is a person that should not be afraid to exchange ideas with you, and you are also open to suggestions and ideas to make the process stress free.

Try delegating different tasks to different people. Most brides feel they have to do everything by themselves, but it’s always a good idea to have different people willing to assist in getting things done for you, so there’s less work to deal with. Again, make your intentions clear to these people so no one disappoints you at the last minute.

Rely on your bridesmaids, but do not take them for granted. Her duty is to help you before and during the wedding. So be respectful and remember that it’s not just a fun day for you, but she should be able to feel comfortable around you as well. Be mindful of her time as well. She cannot always be at your beck and call.

In the rush and frenzy of getting the wedding ready, it’s surprising to find that some bridezillas actually forget about the person they are getting married to. Try to spend some time with your husband-to-be, and try not to bring up discussions about the wedding planning. It’s a great way to nurture your relationship and remind you of why you’re about to do this in the first place.

Find time for you. Take a breather every now and then. Pamper yourself with a massage or a long, hot tub soak to relieve those tense muscles. Remember, this is all about you, so make it count.

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