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How to Avoid Newbie Homeowner Mistakes When Buying Carpets

By Gfl

Carpeting has a great many pros and cons. Many new homeowners purchase carpeting based on its color – to ensure that it matches – but overlook the many other things that matter, such as pile and texture. Before you run out the nearest carpeting store in Dallas to buy new carpet for your home, read this guide.

Plan For The Room

The first thing to consider when buying carpeting is the room itself. How much traffic does it get? For example, your family room is the gathering spot in the house. Kids spill beverages, pets track in dirt, and so on. You don’t want high-maintenance carpeting in that space. Instead, save the fancy, high-pile carpeting for rooms that aren’t as busy. They work well in formal sitting rooms, for example.

Pick The Right Density

This goes right along with the previous tip. People measure a carpet’s density based on how it’s woven. Flip the sample over and examine the back. If the fibers are closer together, then it’s very dense and will hold up to plenty of wear and tear. A loosely woven carpet will begin to fall apart with too much foot traffic. Keep your room’s usage in mind when looking at carpet density.

Don’t Forget The Underlay

Remember that the carpet isn’t the only thing on your floor. The underlay goes over the subflooring and underneath the carpeting. A cushiony underlay is much more comfortable to walk on than a flat one. Some types of underlay are made of rubber, while others are just layers of squishy fabric. Choose your underlay when you pick out your carpeting to see if the two work well together.

How to avoid newbie homeowner mistakes when buying carpets

Examine The Fiber Content

Manufacturers make carpeting from many different materials. These include wool, polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. All come with different price points and comfort levels. A wool carpet may cost more, due to the purity of the material, but it will last much longer. Wool is very durable. Polyester and polypropylene, both of which are man-made are stain resistant and long-lasting. Nylon is another man-made fabric, but it comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. There really isn’t a right or wrong choice here. It’s all about what works best for you and your budget.

Overall Maintenance

Think back to how often your family uses the room. Then consider how much time you spend maintaining the carpeting. Are you constantly removing stains and vacuuming up pet hair? If so, then you need a type of carpet that is low maintenance and stain-resistant. If the room isn’t used much, then you can get away with the high-maintenance type of carpeting.

Choosing a type of carpeting is not like picking a wall color. While there are many paint colors to choose from, there are only so many different types of paint. When it comes to carpeting, there are many options, making the process overwhelming for new homeowners. Don’t make mistakes when picking out your carpets. Instead, follow the advice of this carpeting store in Dallas and go over the five criteria listed here.

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