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How to Avoid Looking Frumpy Or Matronly

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

I would be interested in your advice on the opposite of looking more mature- how to avoid look ‘mature” i.e. matronly or frumpy when you are a larger size (i.e. 16+) woman….Thanks. Love reading your posts


To avoid looking frumpy:

principles of volume
principles of volume by imogenl featuring indigo jeans

Ensure that you don’t wear too much volume at the same time.  Only one voluminous garment at once.   A loose top with slim bottoms, or slim top with more voluminous bottom.

be wary of small florals
be wary of small florals by imogenl featuring dorothy perkins

Beware of old lady patterns.  If it reminds you of something your grandmother would wear then put it away.  Particularly small floral prints as you get older can look frumpy.  If it looks at all like a nurses uniform, avoid it!

Don’t wear clothing that is too large.  It’s common as women get older to get more obsessed with comfort and will choose clothes that are a size too large.

Don’t worry about looking ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ as long as you don’t show too much skin, or wear head to toe the latest fashion trends it’s just not going to happen.

Be aware of the current fashion trends.  If you’re wearing clothes that are dated in their silhouette, you will look older and frumpy.

accessorize by imogenl on Polyvore

A lack of jewelry or jewelry that is to small will age you.  As you get older it’s important to become a little bolder and more confident in your accessorizing.  Many women dress clothing that is very plain then don’t add any accessories to add spice and a focal point.

Skirts that are too long – the midi skirt (mid-calf) skirt is hard to wear unless you have super long legs.  For everyone else it’s frumpy territory.  Hem your skirts to your knee (unless it’s a maxi)

comfortable and stylish shoes
comfortable and stylish shoes by imogenl featuring tory burch shoes

Shoes that are all about comfort but lack any style, and don’t work with the outfit.  If you’re wearing a skirt or cropped trousers (another danger territory for the more mature woman) your shoes need to be low vamp.

Get a modern hairstyle. Wear your best most youthful clothes when you go to your hairstylist. If you walk in in your old lady clothes you will get an old lady hairstyle. Walk in looking modern and youthful and you will get a hairstyle to match. Speak to your stylist about the look you’re after. Share your style words with them.

What are you tips to looking youthful as you get older?


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