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How To Approach A Hot Skinny Chick

By Skewl @skewl

I love skinny women. I love how they look. I could be shot for saying it, because it’s not trendy right now. Big is the new media beautiful. I have no problem with larger women, I just find smaller hotter. It’s my type, and I’m sticking to it. Dating thin women brings on its own challenges, though. You have to take a slightly different approach. They’ll cut you down in a heartbeat if you make some of these large* mistakes. Here are my tips for dating skinny chicks.

Compliment her, not her body

How To Approach A Hot Skinny Chick

You’re gonna want to compliment her figure, but seriously? It’s not going to be a news flash for her that she’s thin. Think about all the guys before you that tried and bombed. Why? It’s simple, you come off as a shallow bastard. Focus on anything BUT her size. Imagine telling a big girl she’s ‘so fat,’ and you see where I’m coming from. Her eyes, her smile, her  hair are all legit- hell, even praising her elbows is a better start than ‘you’re so skinny/thin/scrawny.’ It’s not a compliment, ’nuff said.

Size Comparison

A basic rule of thumb in dating any woman is noticing what part of her body she’s showing the most. Whichever parts are exposed are the parts she’s most comfortable with. With thin women, their insecurities are usually centered on their arms, legs and ass (or lack thereof). Resist the urge to ask her to flex for you to see if your hand can fit around her bicep. It’s not going to charm her, it might piss her off and it defo diminishes your chances.

Feed Her on a First Date?

How To Approach A Hot Skinny Chick

The number one thing small women hear the most is that they need to eat more. Taking her to dinner is a recipe for disaster. She’ll be self-consciously gorging down food, to prove a point to you and the rest of the room. The second comment slender women hear most is about eating disorders- like: do you have one? Which means after eating she’ll be doing the wee-dance to avoid the knowing ‘bulimic’ looks. The last thing she’ll be thinking about is how much she wants you.

Don’t Get Her Lit

How To Approach A Hot Skinny Chick

Slim girls are notorious for not being able to hold their liquor. Sure, it’s a stereotype, but it’s simple science. Small means less tolerance. Taking her out for a pub crawl will last an hour, if even that, before she’s upchucking or blubbering. Making your skinny chick sloppy sick won’t do you any favors, and could totally backfire.

These are a few tips I’ve learned from experience about dating thin women. Believe me, they help. I don’t care if it makes me come off as superficial to dig skinny girls. For me, thin will always be in.

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