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How to Apply Perfumes for a Lasting Effect

By Attireclub @attireclub

One of the few simple pleasures we can enjoy these days? Well, it is catching a whiff of our perfume during the day. Having to get up and reapply your favorite fragrance every hour, on the other hand, isn't ideal.

How to Apply Perfumes for a Lasting Effect

Fortunately, there are several methods for ensuring that your scent lasts all day. However, whether or not you apply it correctly in the first place has a lot to do with how long it stays in place.

Apply directly to the skin

Perfume is intended to interact with your body's chemistry as well as the warmth it emits. In other words, applying fragrance anywhere other than directly to the skin disrupts its core function. Also, it works against how the formulation was designed and intended to be used.

The duration of the scent on your skin is determined by the perfume and how dry your skin is. If you have a very dry skin type, the possibilities are higher that the scent will fade faster. So, if you want it to last longer, moisten your skin before applying it. This is why, for better or worse, everything smells more fragrant in the summer.

Focus on pulse points

According to many experts, your pulse points are one of the warmest parts of your body. Furthermore, the heat aids in the drying process and helps the scent to be released. Most people apply perfume to their wrists and neck. However, there are numerous additional lesser-known pulse sites on their bodies where the perfume's strength and durability can be maximized.

Experts recommend testing your elbow creases and behind the knees. At the same time, others remind us of the sneaky pulse points behind the ear, in the hollow of the throat (near the clavicle), and in the abdomen above the pubic bone if that is not taking it too far. However, perfume should be avoided in areas with broken or sensitive skin, as it can be irritating.

With so many options, it's up to individuals to make their own decisions. The experts prefer to apply fragrance to the top of the wrist, where there's a little hair. It will greatly help the scent last.

Above all, follow the golden rule. Do you? The rule is, if you apply once and don't like it, don't apply again. Just like anything else.

Avoid the mist-and-walk

We've all been guilty of the mist-and-walk-through strategy at some point. Many scent experts consider it not only a waste of time but also has an impact on the surrounding furniture or décor.

When you spritz perfume into the air, it will fall onto your clothes, the floor, furniture, décor, and whatnot. Also, the residue may stain. The real experts are not fans of spraying it in your hair, especially if your fragrance contains alcohol. This is because it dries it out.

So, let's all agree to stop wasting money by spraying it into thin air.

Resist rubbing

Spritzing and then rubbing the wrists together is perhaps the most common blunder in perfume application. It is strongly advised to never do this. Instead, allow the fragrance to dry naturally. You won't crush the top notes, but you will allow the fragrance layers to play their roles properly.

If you don't have the patience to wait for it to dry naturally, we suggest gently tapping any excess on another easy pulse point. It can be the neck.

Be careful with layering

Dry shampoo, lotions, and oils are frequently dripping with a super sweet fragrance. This can inadvertently distort your expensive perfume - in a very bad way!

Replace stray fragrance-based products with unscented alternatives. In this way, you (and everyone else) can enjoy the fragrance exactly as you intended.

Don't overdo it

Putting on the proper amount is difficult for everyone. If you've ever wondered why perfume cost varies so considerably, it's because varying fragrance concentration levels are used. In simple words, it means they have a different intensity when applied.

So pay attention to how your fragrance is named and labeled, as this will indicate how much and how frequently to apply it.

According to Laura Slatkin, founder of NEST New York, fragrances with a "perfume" label have the highest fragrance concentration. It is followed by eau de parfum and, finally, eau de toilette, the lightest variety. The stronger the fragrance, the longer it will last and the less you will need to apply.

A true perfume should only require two spritzes at most. On the other hand, an eau de toilette is more like a body splash that should be applied liberally. Trust your nose for the in-between eau de parfum, but don't spritz too much. Anywhere between three and four pumps should suffice.

Don't need to reapply that often

Perfumes are meant to entice someone close to you. Well, not to linger in the air for hours after you've left - that is invasive perfumery! In addition, when we wear a fragrance on a regular basis, we become nose blind to it.

Although, if you applied in the morning and then worked out or sweated a little throughout the day, reapplying less than you did in the morning to the same location would not be overwhelming.

When shopping for a new perfume, keep in mind that the intensity of every fragrance fades as the day goes on. With this in mind, don't get too attached to the first 10 minutes of a fragrance.

Hopefully, the perfumer created a blend that will take you on an exciting journey after those 10 minutes are up. If you want to relive the top notes, respray it later in the day. But as with most things, subtly is a sign of good taste.

Keep the box

If you don't have many perfume storage options, it is highly recommended to keep the bottle inside the box. The box will protect it from sunlight, heat, and moisture, extending the life of the perfume.

People love custom perfume packaging to protect and display their perfume collection at the same time. Try out some cool packaging options out there.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing a perfume is your lifestyle. If you work under a lot of stress and perspire a lot, choose a perfume with strong top notes. It will account for your body's natural smell.

The way a perfume affects someone is determined by their physiology, which is unique to each individual.

To learn more about how to select the best perfume according to your personality, you can attend an upcoming perfumes & cosmetics trade show. Such events are the best to learn with practical examples when hosted by reputable exhibit companies in Las Vegas.

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