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How to Apply 3 Teamwork Principles to Faith

By Mochocki @mochocki

Have you searched for the spotlight?

If you have ever wanted to be the best in your industry, I am sure the thought has crossed your mind.

It’s inevitable, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you are seeking to further the Kingdom, it’s ok to put a face to the name.

But watch out for the fame. Watch out for the pride.

Keep the Focus In the Right Place

When we are operating within faith, we need to ensure that God is the main focus of the praise.

Think of it honestly, without God, the talents wouldn’t be there. The words, melody, and skills have been graced to us.

In the end, Jesus is the name above all names. Think of it like teamwork and Jesus is the boss; we need to make him look good in order for us to get that promotion…to heaven.

1. Limit the Hierarchical Layers

In most businesses, things become too complicated when there are many levels. While knowing reporting roles is important, it can also cause distortion, miscommunication, and lack idea sharing with everyone trying to climb the ladder.

In faith, there are two levels: Jesus and us. Not much confusion there, is it? We are on the same level as the Pope and beggars. Status does not matter here. BUT, and this is a big one, with all of “us” on the same level, it means we are each responsible for each other’s success. Yes, unfortunately there will be those who get fired (I hate to say literally here), but we still need to work as a team to make sure we each get promoted.

2. Play by the Same Rule Book

Usually in business there is an employee handbook we have to sign before starting a job. It says things like we won’t steal and we’ll play nice with others. Some even throw in that they have the right to fire us at any time.

Luckily, as Christians, we share a similar play book. Yep, I’m talking about the Bible here. We all have the same rules, plus or minus a few “books,” but in the end, it is the same message. The commandments give us rules on how to live, or, here it is again, we’ll get fired. We build trust by playing by the rules, and this develops a deeper sense of community.

3. Helping and Sharing

Most well conceived teams are full of diversity. Not necessarily in the ethnic sense, but always in strengths and weaknesses. There needs to be combinations of a “thinker,” a “numbers person,” the “voice of reason,” and a “dreamer” on the team. Each mind will bring different skills to the table – providing their strengths and lifting up the other’s weaknesses.

The same is needed in faith. Giving of our time and talents should be the 11th Commandment, as it is discussed so often in our Rule Book. Volunteering at church and charitable events is an easy way to do this. It also includes the work we do at our jobs, in our homes, and in our relationships. We need to ensure we are lifting up those who are weak and providing encouragement to those we love. By respecting each other, we can grow by acknowledging and utilizing each other’s skills, talents, and capabilities.

How to Apply 3 Teamwork Principles to Faith

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Are there other ways that Faith is like teamwork? Leave a comment below!

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