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How to Add Your Background Image in Blogger

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Every bloggers have a wish to change background image in blogger. Changing background image is so easy than we thought about it. You can add a background picture in your blogger blog by the help of ' Blogger Template Designer' or direct adding HTML code in your blogger template . To keep fit your site background image, you should use 1800 X 1600 pixels or than greater image. Blogger allows you upto 300k size background image when you add background image in blogger by 'Blogger Template Designer'. But if you add your blogger background image by inserting HTML code, you can use lager image. But you should remind that if you use a big size background image, your site page loading time will be increased.


Adding blogger background isn't a good work for SEO. It is absolutely right for passively. Because when you add a background image in your blog. It takes time to load the full image. If you use a larger one, than your site loading time remarkably increased. We know that the site having long loading time is a little choice among the search engine. search engine prefers the loading fast site for the search result. Even it can penalty your site due very slow loading and can ruin your blogging career. However, if you need to add background image in your blog, you should use a small size png image.

1) Go to 'Template'. Then you can see a button named ' Customize' bellow Live on Blog. Click on it.

2) Then a new window will be opened named ' Blogger Tempalrte Dsigner'. Now select 'Background' options from here and click on it.

3) To add your image now click on the down arrow at right side of the blank image.

4) Then a window will be opened and allow you some default blogger background image to use in your site. But to use your own image you have to upload a image in your blog. To do this click on Upload image menu. Then a new window will open.

5) Now choose a image from your computer that you want to use as your background image in blogger.

After uploading the image, set alignment the image and done it. At lastl apply it for your site. Now you are done.


You can also add a background image in your site by another way. Just You have to add some code and have to upload your background picture. Upload a png file to load fast. Before adding the code, backup your blogger template first for any unwanted occurrence. So that you can restore your template within a minute. Now follow the steps-

1) Now go to your blogger dashboard and open 'Template'. After open 'Edit HTML'.
2) Then find </head> [ To find press Ctrl+F]. Now paste the following code before </head>.

> <Variable name="body.background" description="Body Background" type="background"color="$(body.background.color)"default="$(color) none repeat scroll top left" value="$(color) url(your external URL here) repeat fixed top left"/>

3) Now you have to upload your background image [ How to upload a image in blogger that we showed shortly in our previous post about 'create a new blogger post '. You can see that post as you needed. We will post later details about this] and paste the image url replacing 'your external URL here'. Lastly save your template and you are done.

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