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How To Add Light To Dark Kitchens In Melbourne

By Anne Mehla
When your kitchen is shoved into a back corner of your home, it will probably be so dull and drab that no renovation will be able to improve on this. By adding the right sort of lighting to a dark kitchen in Melbourne, however, you will instantly notice a difference in the space and will be able to show off your renovation in the best light possible. So, how can you add light?
    How To Add Light To Dark Kitchens In Melbourne
  • General Lighting: Assess the illumination provided to the kitchen in Melbourne by your current fixtures; if it’s fairly poor or in the wrong spots, replace them with lights that achieve this better.
  • Task Lighting: This sort of light will illuminate those areas where you need to be able to see what you’re doing, such as over the bench or the stove. Under cabinet lighting can be very effective.
  • Accent Lighting: Whilst this lighting won’t provide enough illumination for cooking (for example) it will help to show off some attractive features of the kitchen, such as artwork and architectural detail.
  • Natural Lighting: Try to emphasize whatever natural lighting the kitchen has been granted. Use curtains that don’t block out the sun and make sure the window remains clean.

Did you know that the color scheme of kitchens in Melbourne can also play a role in how well the space is lit? Make sure that the walls are painted in light colours that help the room to feel much larger; the light will also bounce off the walls and help the kitchen to appear brighter. You should also opt for lighter coloured furniture and appliances.

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