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How to Accessorize Your Sunglasses

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

Ah summer. The season of so much sunshine! While I am and always will be a true jewelry gal at heart, summer is the one other season that I let my eyes wander to another accessory while shopping- sunglasses! Lately, designer brands and boutique designs alike have been coming up with some stylish pairs that have broadened the range of our usual black frames. Bright colors and unique shapes come in every combination imaginable for you to find the pair that is just as special as you are.

The one rule about sunglasses, however, is that no matter how much you may love a pair when you see them, that can all change the moment you try them on. Each face shape requires a certain frame design to accentuate and flatter it. When Miu Miu came out with their amazing Noir cat-eye shaped sunnies last spring, they made my must-have list immediately. Imagine my disappointment when I realized they just did not look good on my round face.

We are here to help with not only what style sunglasses look good on different face shapes, but also what styles of jewelry you can wear with each style. You don’t want to distract from your spectacles, but rather put together a whole accessory look. Here is the breakdown.

Heart Shaped Faces

Audrina HEARTSummer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories

If you have a heart shaped face, you want sunglasses that will draw attention downward. Avoid anything that sits high and wide. Round edges along the bottom look great so as to fill in the lower half of your face and balance out the top. Paired with a great pair of stud earrings to bring even more sparkle towards your eyes, you’ll be ready for a comfortably chic look in no time.

22522 300x300Summer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories
Square Shaped Faces

Olivia SQUARE 229x300Summer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories
With an angular, square shaped face, you have the bone structure to pull off some more high fashion looks. Think playful, modern shapes like the new, futuristic take on the cat-eye or frames that are more oval or round. Instead of playing with your strong features, lighten them up. You can also play up your features by adding some dangle earrings to your look and pulling your hair back for that perfectly put together summer look.

21829 300x300Summer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories
Round Shaped Faces

Kirsten ROUND 300x214Summer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories
Since round faces have fuller cheeks, pick frames that make your face look thinner. Upswept styles that will sharpen the face and add extra length are better than large round frames that will only make your face look rounder. And what jewelry do you wear with sunnies on a rounder face? The answer can be as simple as none! Let your shades do the talking and don’t add any extra bulk around your face. If you can’t go unaccessorized, put on your daily watch for that extra bit of glam.

Oval Shaped Faces


Paula OVAL 229x300Summer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories
Lucky for you if you have an oval shaped face, because there aren’t many sunglass styles you can’t wear with ease! The balanced proportions let you play with many different styles. Our favorite look is something classic and wide but not too big. That way you can add a gorgeous pair of drop earrings or a statement necklace and not distract from your stylish shades.

22273 300x300Summer Sunnies! How to Accessorize Your Accessories

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