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How to Accessorize by Hair Color

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

A new season in the fashion world is always defined by a hot, trending color or color palette that is found in multiple designer runway shows. For instance, S/S lines were all about red, red, red from Calvin Klein to Alexander McQueen and everywhere in between. We also get trend reports that forecast what new colors are going to be hot this year, like all the news we shared with you about honeysuckle pink. But what if that hot color doesn’t look good with your skin tone? What if you despise wearing the trending color because it reminds you of something else or you simply don’t like it?

Well, as always when it comes to fashion, we can turn to Miss Coco Chanel for the answer to that dilemma. One of my very favorite quotes that I wholeheartedly support is, “The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!” So no matter what the trend is, or what season you are in the middle of, you should always at least know what colors are best suited for you!

coco chanel1 282x300How to Accessorize by Hair Color

Coco Chanel- fashion revolutionary, high-end designer and founder of the concept of personal style.

Clothing is one thing, but jewelry is a whole different story. While I may contemplate what color dress would look best with my skin tone where it hits my neckline and legs, when it comes to jewelry, I think more about my hair and what will match and accent that. Earrings and necklaces are worn so close to our face that they can truly make a statement if we wear the colors that are best suited for our hair color. So here is a quick breakdown (from How-style) of how to accessorize based on your hair color!

Blonde Hair

golden 275x300How to Accessorize by Hair Color
There are different shades and tones of blonde hair, and for those of you with golden locks, like Reese Witherspoon, you want to wear jewelry that comes in earthy tones. Think forest greens, ocean blues, and turquoise to accent your blonde hair instead of wash it out. Most golden blondes also have lighter eyes, so wearing blue or green will really make them stand out!

ashblonde 300x236How to Accessorize by Hair Color
Now, if you have more of an ash blonde hair color which usually accompanies fairer skin tones, you want to look for rose based colors. Plum, mauve, and any hue of pink gives your hair more color and life! I personally think ash blonde women look best wearing rose gold jewelry, which is all the rage right now.

Brown Hair/Brunette

coolbrunettes 300x247How to Accessorize by Hair Color
Just like blondes, brunettes come in different shades and tones as well. For “cool toned” brunettes, like Zoey Deschanel, you want to pick out vivid jewelry colors that will pop against that dark mane of yours. With your lighter complexion, colors like white, black, bright red and hot pink work well. You are the type of girl who can rock a hot red lipstick well and make it look powerful with even some stark silver jewelry.

warmbrunettes 300x240How to Accessorize by Hair Color
For warmer, more dimensional shades of brown hair, think rich and natural when it comes to jewelry color. Just like Jessica Alba, you most likely have natural highlights and streaks in your hair that match your golden skin tone and dark eyes. Colors like orange, red, dark olive green and brown will look great on you without going over the top.

Grey Hair

grey 300x203How to Accessorize by Hair Color
For those of you who get worried about getting grey hair- don’t!!! I think grey or white hair is a beautiful sign of age (much prettier than wrinkles!) and it gives you the best colors to work with! It is recommended that those with grey hair should wear darker saturated colors such as gunmetal/hematite, black, burgundy, and navy blue. These are classic colors that never go out of style and match with everything.

Red Hair

copper 300x277How to Accessorize by Hair Color
Another hair color that has multiple shades is red! As a red head myself, I identify more with the coppery/auburn tone and I consider my hair to be an accessory of its own- it stands out so much! To play up the extreme color of our hair, auburn red heads should wear muted golds, camel and other natural shades with a few additions of orange-reds here and there for a splash of non-clashing color.

strawberry 300x275How to Accessorize by Hair Color
Brighter, blonder strawberry shades of red call for bright, exciting colors. Aqua blue is especially striking but violet blues, peach and pinks also look great. Avoid making that beautiful hair of yours any darker than it needs to be by adding dark jewelry- it just isn’t for you. This is another hair color, similar to blonde, that looks fab with rose gold accessories to play up the rosy undertones of your locks.

Black Hair

black 300x257How to Accessorize by Hair Color
And for those of you who can pull off that exotic, raven black hair, try out jewelry in luscious jewel tones like royal blue, emerald green, royal purple or anything with a blue base. These colors will reflect even more color when up against the stark black and match just about every skin tone. Young and old, black hair creates a stylish, fashion forward appeal so play it up with fashionable jewelry!

Have any more pointers or suggestions of jewelry to wear with different hair colors? Thinking of trying a new hair color for the summer? Just remember the quote from Chanel, that no matter the trend or the season, the best color is the one that looks great on you!

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