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How Technology-Obsessed Tweens Get Their Minds Dirty?

Posted on the 08 October 2019 by Ruby Mariah @rubymariah22
How Technology-Obsessed Tweens get their Minds Dirty?

There is a new series of issues are occurring in school going tweens, mental health clinics and religious places across the country talking about tweens obsession with sexual addiction. Today, young tweens are bombarded with the x -rated content and fantasies and parents on the other hand facing swear problems while getting professional help to stop teens to gets their minds dirty. The world has become an increasingly sexualized society where access to sexual activities is a piece of cake. The technology addicted tweens and teens are range from social media addiction to pocket porn resulted in "hook-up" with adults they met online.

When a teen has clear access of cyberspace on their digital cell phones then they can do anything such as they can use social media, use mobile phone browsers to watch sexually explicit content to get their minds dirty. Resultantly, internet sexual content makes them obsessed and it would be very hard for them to break free. Seemingly, the finding someone over the internet for hook -up is never been easier but plenty of dating apps out there that makes it quite easy to find out sexual partner no matter what if they are tweens. The lack of impulse control and excessive curiosity about sex by watching inappropriate content is increasing day by day ends up with the sexual offense and legal issues most of the time.

According to the survey of Common Sense Media & Pew Research center:

Tweens cell phone addiction is on the rise according to the Common Sense media report. Almost 50% of the teenagers worldwide do believe that they are addicted to their digital devices and 78% of teens used to of checking their cellphones at least once in an hour. Additionally, almost 72% of teens got pressure to respond instantly to a text message or phone calls, notifications, and social media messaging. Besides this, the Pew Research Center report stated that 73% of tweens and teens between the ages of 13 -to 17 years old had their personal smartphone devices or had access to one device, and 24% said they are constantly online.

What teens really do on their cell phones: Pew Research Center Stats?

Teens use cell phone devices for making text messages, Voice calls and do many other things to spend time with their significant others.

Occasionally, almost 92% of teens send and receive text messages to their significant others whom they first online and do sexting as well.

Almost 87% of teens spend time with the person whom they met online by using cell phone calls.

    In-person meeting after meeting online

Once teens have got engaged with their online partner they decide to meet in -person mostly in school timings of afterward.

70% of teens use social media sites to have chat conversations with someone.

    Chat through a video call

55% of tweens and teens say they make video calls with their partner

49% of teens stay connected with strangers online by using instant messengers or social messaging apps on cell phones

Tweens and teens having their digital devices get involved with the strangers or whom they have been met in real-life stay connected with via text messages, mobile phone calls and in-person meetings after or within the school timings. Teen daters said they use mobile phones and the internet as their best way to gets their minds dirty.

Teens do believe that social media is the top venue for flirting

  • Almost 55% of tweens and teens ages 13 -17 said they have flirted or talked in -person with someone.
  • 50% of teens said that they have used social media platforms such as Facebook and others to tell someone they are interested in.
  • 47% have shown their interest in someone by liking, commenting, with their romantic interest online.
  • 31% receive and sent flirty messages
  • 10% of teens send or receive sexual suggestive pictures and videos.

Young tweens girls are more likely to become the target of flirting tactics and get sexually groomed and get their minds dirty.

Stages that make teens get their minds dirty

Tweens and teens do not get their minds dirty at such a young age unless their parents have bought for them personal cell phone device and internet connection. This is the point where teens get started to explore the internet of things. The peer pressure among teens is a huge subject to get involved in cyber -world. Over time they get used to their smartphones and browsing activities and the time comes when they see their friends asking them why don't you have social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. Teens start texting, cell phone calls, and video chat with their friends at school and then the story gets started.

    Stage:1. The very first cell phone of tweens: The problem get started

When parents buy the individual or separate mobile device for teens to use it for entertaining and study purposes. On the other hand, teens get encounter with the things which did not aware of before in cyberspace. They do whatever they want and finally, they come to know about the evil of all issues social media.

    Stage:2. Teens make their social media profiles

Teens get started with the creation of social media profiles Facebook, in particular, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and plenty of others alike. They upload their profiles with photos, videos and then make friends online with whom they have never been met in real-life before. Additionally, when they start social media messaging, chats conversations with strangers at the end of the day they become addicted to digital devices like cellphones, tablets, and pads. They always want to remain online for messaging to their online friends. They encounter online predators such as cyberbullies, stalker and sexual predators who groomed them sexually from time to time and at the end of the day, they get their minds dirty. The social media platforms work as slow poisoning stuff that leads them ultimately to the point where they lost their innocence and get involved in such activities which makes them obsessed with social media.

    Stage:3. Get involved in online dating via dating apps

The third stage of teens to get their minds dirty is the use of online dating apps. When teens get used to social media to share photos, videos in a sexual suggestive possesses and got appreciation from strangers. This is the point where they want to make love someone and they start using dating apps. Before coming to this stage they have online partners but they won't make their minds to meet them in real -life but few out of hundreds yet do this and often become the victim of stalking and cheating. So, they find online dating apps as the best source to find their significant other. Therefore, they use apps like Tinder and other social media platforms that can be used as dating tools such as Snapchats and many others alike.

    Stage:4. Encounter with online pornography

Once teens get their minds dirty and get sexually groomed then they visit porn on their digital devices. Almost 93% of boys and 62% of young girls exposed to porn online in their tween age. Tweens spend almost 30 consecutive minutes on adult or x -rated content regularly having cell phone devices connected to the internet. Teens obsessed with the adult content perform the same things while having "hook -up" online with someone and even share self -obscenity based photos and videos.

Therefore, we have come across a few points that personal cell phone devices, social media usage, dating apps, and adult content are the factors that make teens get their minds dirty. Therefore, parents put common questions to prevent teens to get their minds dirty.


Internet is a dangerous place for tweens and today it is the mother of all evils among children. You can simply set parental control on your tween's digital devices and get rid of all the hectic ways that we have mentioned in the above-mentioned queries. You can simply set parental control on teen's mobile phones to prevent tween to get their minds dirty by using technological tool cell phone parental monitoring software.

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