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How STUPID Do You Think I Am?

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I'm sure many of us have received e-mails from various African countries telling us that someone has left us large sums of money, or that someone would like to ship millions out of the country and would we help them? Amazingly some people have been tempted by such offers, ending up handing over bank details so that the monies mentioned could be deposited in their accounts. You can guess that it's usually not a happy ending.
And now it seems the Bank of England is at it. The other day I found an e-mail from someone at the B of E in my junk folder. Despite the fact that I have no money with the Bank of England, (unless some nice person has opened a bank account for me), the e-mail says -
Attn: Beneficiary,I am Dr Francis Johnson Director Head of International Remittance BANK OF ENGLAND, there is presently a counter claims on your funds by one MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE, who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead and even explained that you entered into an agreement with her while in the sick bed, to help you in receiving your approved Scam victim Compensation fund awarded to you by the UNITED-NATION In conjunction with the Prime Minister. So here comes the big question.Are you dead or still alive? And Did you by any reason signed such agreement in favor of (MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE). Thereby making her the current beneficiary with her following Bank account details:ACC NAME: MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE,BANK/NAME: GREEATER IOWA CREDIT UNIONBANK ADDRESS: LEDD E, 30TH DES MOINES, IOWA 50317 USA,ACCOUNT/NUMBER: 000369505.ROUTING/273972583,We shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE, if we do not hear from you within the next five Bank working days from today. All the necessary arrangements regarding your contract payment has been finalized and i was then given the authority to notify you of the latest development. You also have to note that you will pay before this fund will be release into your account and if you are not ready to settle the bill, then you have to quit this transaction in time.Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.Regards,

Dr Francis JohnsonPosition: Head of International RemittanceBank of England.

I'm not sure I really understand it, but in answer to "the big question", No, I'M NOT DEAD!!!

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