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How Sports Aids Overall Personality Development of a Child?

By The Shri Ram School
Just like academic education, sports education can play a vital role in overall personality development of a child. In addition to building self-assurance and educating kids about psychological self-control, it also boosts IQ and EQ levels that are important to achieve success in life. Need more evidence? Read on to find out why making your child indulged in sports activities can help them in long run. 
Learning The Value of Being Organized  
Organized sports not only keep children far healthy physically but mentally as well. Research reveal that kids who play sports are often far healthy and physically more powerful than their less athletic peers - plus they're smarter as well. No wonder, the best IB schools in Delhi give due importance to sports and co-curricular activities to make their students learn important life skills, like hard work, patience, and perseverance.     
Sports Inculcates A Motivational Spirit 
Sports teachers in ICSE schools in Gurgaon claim that team sports motivate the students to not only perform well in sports but also in studies. You must be knowing an old saying, “There Is no I in team?” Organized sports teach kids the important life skills to get along with teammates they might not necessarily like. It motivates them to compromise and make adjustments with their peers in time of need. This is one valuable lesson that sports teach students. 
Meeting with People From Various Backgrounds 
The thing about team sports is that it offers a valuable learning experience to the kids as it brings together children from different cultural and religious heritages. When playing on a team, children, coaches, and parents spend lots of time together. Not only the young athletes learn how to respect and honor their coach and his decisions, but additionally to respect their fellow teammates. By realizing the strengths that every specific participant brings to the team, they will learn to enjoy and respect each other’s talents. That is because organized athletics teach children how to be encouraged during exercise, how to concentrate on the job at hand, and how to have persistence when the going gets tough.
Sports not only make kids tough from outside but it also strengthens them from within. By playing organized sports children learn some important life lessons that they can carry forward later in life as well.

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