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How Speech Impairments Affect a Person’s Various Aspects

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Speech impairments have always been, from the very beginning, is a hindrance for those who learn languages. No matter how systematic the learning methods are applied by language schools among their learners just learn their target language excellently, if the problem is the learners themselves, it will really affect their learning progress

This impairment is somehow elaborated by the famous movie “The King’s Speech”. You are familiar with this right? It was the recently Oscar-winning film that received prestigious awards. The story was about the unfathomable struggle and victorious conquer of King George VI who overcame a debilitating stammer as Britain prepares to go to war with Germany in World War II. It was a dramatic redemption of someone who wrestles from a day-to-day speech impairments.

A person having this “sickness”, if we might call it such, is really having a difficult time expressing his thoughts in a more comprehensive and fluent manner. Whether he deliver an important “king’s speech” on a ceremony or just plainly asking something from a parent, there is really an undefined struggle to speak intelligibly and fluently.

“Verbal communication defines how we view ourselves and how others view us,” says Shery Seewald, licensed speech pathologist in the Pine Brook section of Montville. No wonder speech impairments affect a person’s personal, social, and even emotional and mental aspects. Undeniably speaking, it is a factor that somehow defines a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Seewald is actually a mother of 3 children aside from being a speech therapist. It is her great recommendation to recognize speech impairment as something to be settled with, which others are not recognizing at all. In fact, “many people don’t realize the scope of the problem” since they think that it would just go away or be outgrown.

Well, if you are currently reading this article, and you know someone who has the same circumstance, never let that someone continue such impairment. I mind you; it will greatly affect his or her whole self being. The best way to help that person is to help him or her overcome it. Besides, most speech impairments are treatable, says Seewald. “The earlier you address them, the better.”

Languages learning always go hand in hand with communication. So settle the dilemma– like of speech impairments– if you personally want to make language learning falls into its place.

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