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How Social Network Marketing Will Impact Our Lives

Posted on the 09 December 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

How Social Network Marketing Will Impact Our Lives

Long ago and far away, in another time of the Internet, you could join a social networking site and really not be bothered by social network marketing. Fortunately, or unfortunately, anyone who is a member of a social networking site today understands what it is to be bumping up against marketing ads that have invaded you space.It’s not just the ads either. One social network marketing ploy was introduced to a social site not so long ago. The owners of Facebook introduced a News Feed that showed what everyone in this social site was doing behind closed doors.

All of the members of Facebook, suddenly discovered that all of their private actions and correspondence to other members in this network was open terrain for everyone else to see. Everyone’s private information suddenly became very public. Who added whom to their friends list, who each member talked to and what these members talked about. This privacy invasion was the first of it’s kind to happen in a social network site before. Facebook was now involved in a form of social network marketing no one had ever considered could, or would happen. It simply broke all privacy barriers.

Facebook, in order to save face, made the decision to put a halt to this News Feed operation when more than 600,000 of it’s members protested this privacy invasion. This News Feed operation was simply the result of a company trying to generate more income. This blunder was a costly mistake.

Lets face it, though, all of the social network sites on the Internet need to generate money in order to pay for bandwidth, programmers, designers, support staff and every other staff. This is a company, therefore the business wants to show a profit. Memberships to the social network sites are free, so where is the money to be made from?

Social network marketing is an industry now. There is no getting around this. In order to grease the wheels of any operation of this magnitude, advertising dollars will have to be generated one way or another.

Members of these sites will have to get used to social network marketing. All of the social network sites use advertising, otherwise they could not support the cost it take to run these huge operations.

Consider the fact that on every major street we drive down, we are hit with hundreds of advertising marquees every single day. Everyone of these enticements are trying to lure us in and shop, buy or eat. Is this very much different than logging into our social network site’s account and finding a banner ad for Pizza Hut sitting on top of our friends list?

The real question is where does the company draw the line using social market networking programs?

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