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How Roulette Works – Main Rules and Basis!

Posted on the 20 August 2017 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

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Classical gambling is fascinating. The best example of the traditional betting at random has been roulette for centuries. Every ambitious fortune teller finds himself sooner or later at the roulette table in the online casino or in the play area around the corner again. There are no roulette systems that guarantee a long-term profit, but gamblers can increase the chances of a financial profit by knowing the roulette rules. How roulette works and how do probabilities and payout rates work for certain bets and tips?

The game principle is simple: before the croupier speaks the magic words “nothing more” mean all players have bets on a playing field. Each single bet is equal to a certain event, a drawn number between 0 and 36. The zero is green, all other colours are black and red. The number in a game is the winning number by turning a ball in the roulette bowl. Between games, the odds of pulling the numbers do not change, so that from one draw to the next, it is not possible to close changed odds. If a player can predict the drawn number, the result is a win. Otherwise, it goes normally in the normal case completely empty. To know more about how roulette works read our article further.

How roulette works at a classical French Roulette

The most famous and oldest variant of the roulette game is the French roulette. In most UK and European casinos the game system comes with 37 numbers including the green zero application.

Roulette rules and game system

A roulette game begins with making bets. This is possible only after the request “make your game”. Once the croupier finds that enough bets have been made at the table, he turns the roulette wheel and throws the ball in the direction opposite the direction of rotation. Players can still make bets even now until the croupier takes this opportunity with the words “nothing more”. If the ball is definitely in the field of a winning number, the banker says this loudly. In addition, the respective color. In addition, all simple profit chances are announced, which have won. Then the dealer draws the best of all lost bets from the field and begins to pay out the odds that have made a profit. This is where the game ends and the system begins with a new one.

how roulette works

Defined maxima

Both online and land based casino is usually profit maxima. Against the background of an employment minimum, there are profit quotas which determine maximum profits. This is due to two reasons: on the one hand, excessive payouts can be made, which could lead to bankruptcy. On the other hand, game banks bend such a roulette strategy. The martingale game is based on the fact that in the event of a loss in the bet on a colour, the bet is doubled until a profit has been achieved. Statistically, this roulette system is not successful, but profits are not excluded. By restricting bets and maximum winnings, the players are given the chance to achieve guaranteed success through special financial efforts. It means you should truly remember How roulette works to get the best profit chance.

Advantage of the casino

The roulette game is designed in such a way that the advantage with every roulette game always lies with the bank, thus the casino. Also by the combination of different bets, it is not possible to achieve a probability of winning in relation to the possible payout and the use of over 50 percent. Roulette is, therefore, true to the motto “the bank always wins”.

Even experienced players can not dissipate this advantage. Since every draw of the winning number with the roulette always takes place under the same probabilities, it is not possible to speculate from a playout to a tendency at the next. If for example, a black number has been drawn successively in three games, it can not be assumed that a red number becomes more probable at the next draw. The odds on events are always the same. Roulette systems like the 50-50 game are therefore not applicable. All tactics lead to a statistically and on a rational basis, the average probabilities to lose.

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Overview of betting opportunities

Within the rules of how roulette works there are firmly prescribed chances to distribute their own bets on different bets. Usually, gamblers can also give several tips and combine chances with each other. However, they do not gain an advantage on the basis of the probabilities.
The most popular betting options include all tips in the area of simple odds. Players can bet on either Noir (Black) or Rouge (Red). According to the roulette game rules, you can also tap both colours at the same time.

Simple odds with the same probabilities as in the Noir-Rouge game are Impair and Pair. In the former, the lucky player insists that the drawn number is even. The latter is an odd number. The zero is neither even nor odd according to the mathematical principles.

The numbers are divided into 18 numbers each on a Roulette field. With a bet on manque, a player taps the drawn number in the range of 1 to 18 inclusive. 19 to 36 is played with a yoke. Again, the profit chances are 48.7 per cent.

how roulette works

Multiple chances

In the area of multiple opportunities, the so-called Plein is a basic betting possibility. In doing so, gamblers bet on one of the totals of 37 numbers and hope that exactly this figure is drawn. Here, the payout ratio is usually 35 to 1, so playing on all numbers is not economically interesting. However, according to how roulette works, it is possible to bet on a few selected digits with which a profit is still achieved in the case of a single win.

By placing the bet on the middle between two digits on the table, a participant plays the so-called Cheval, in English as a split. Such a bet is only feasible for adjacent numbers. In what constellation the digits on the tableau stand together isn’t interesting. The payout ratio is 17 to 1.

Instead of two digits, the betting possibility of the transversal Pleine can also be applied to three numbers of a transverse row on the table.

Should the dealer in the casino place the chips accordingly, the lowest and the highest number must always be named. Here, the payout is 11 to 1.

Within the previous betting possibilities, a tip on the number zero is only possible with the Plein. On the “Les Trois premiers”, the roulette game rules allow you to play the zero. The numbers 1 and 2 are set at a payout ratio of 11 to 1.

An order to play four numbers with one bet, the “Carre” can pay a payout of 8 to 1. The typed digits must be adjacent to each other.
“Les quatre premiers” is a partial expansion of the “Les Trois premiers” by the third. This is also a bet on four numbers, the payout ratio is 8 to 1 according to the “Carre”.

Lower profits, but also significantly higher profit chances, are found in the Transversal Simple. Six figures are displayed, which are arranged in two successive transverse rows. The will to bet is, for example, clear with the statement “Transversal 4-9”. Accordingly, the numerals 4 to 9 are all equally played. A profit in the Transversal Simple means a profit of 5 to 1.

What is called “Dozens” in international games is called in French Roulette “Douzaines”. The table divides the numbers 1 to 36 into three dozens each designated as Premier (1 to 12), Millieu (13 to 24) and Dernier (25 to 36). The chances of winning are approximately one-third so that in the fortunate case the bet plus the double bet amount to would be paid out to a gambler.

A similar classification of the playing field is made via the “Colonnes”. Three groups each comprise 12 numbers and offer a payout of 2 to 1. In the first column 34, the numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, …, 34 are played. The column 35 each comprises a number there above up to and including 35; the column 36 moves according to the same principle.

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Do you want to actively participate in the roulette game? Then you should know the roulette rules very precisely. In principle, the traditional gambling game is very easy to understand and offers a transparent insight into the possibilities of winning. For your first games, it may be helpful to have a table with corresponding probabilities. If you decide to play in an online casino it is usually possible to start playing for money at once. So you get a better feel for the game and can go with a little experience directly to know yourself how roulette works.

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