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How Premium New gTLD’s Might Help Sell Your .Com Domains

Posted on the 04 December 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Many of the new gTLD registries are planning on the old .TV pricing model to sell their premium domain names.

Two large applicants Donuts and  Minds +Machines who between the two applied for 400 new gTLD strings, have both stated they indent to use the .TV pricing model which sells premium domains instead one for a one time payment in the four, five and even six figures and breaks them down by a factor of 1/10 and charges that amount every year as a annual premium renewal price.

Like .TV pricing ownership does not transfer at the end of 10 years but continues and under the ICANN rules can be changed upon notice to the domain holder.

We know this is an end user only play.

No one in the domainer space is going to go back to the future and pay an annual premium renewal fee.

It didn’t work for .TV and  its not going to work in the domainer space.

But in the end user space variable pricing maybe come the new normal and that might be the best thing that can happen to owners of .com and other domain names they are trying to sell for premium prices.

Of course not all new gTLD registries are going with variable pricing but it looks like many of them will be trying to sell their premium domains on this variable pricing basis.

Think of a registrar like Godaddy which is already offering new gTLD’s with annual premium prices  or high registration prices (think .luxury at $1,200 or more per year) next to .com that are for sale with a one time fixed one time purchase price especially when the registrar uses the domain finder spinner when the end users 1st choice is not available.

All of a sudden the premium owned .Com may look cheap even if the domain is priced at $25K or more.

The new gTLD program has always had a lot of moving parts and now that some of the new gTLD’s are rolling out we can see their pricing strategy.

In some cases new gTLD’s trying to sell their premium domains might actually help you sell your premium domains.



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