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How Often Do You Think About Money?

By Eemusings @eemusings
How often do you think about money?

No, seriously.

Constantly? Throughout the day? Daily? Every few days? Once a week? As little as possible?

I'd have to say, more often than I can consciously count. Some aren't really active thoughts as such, but general emotions related to finances, if that makes sense - feelings tied to broader money issues that are never far from my mind.

Lately, of course, they've often revolved around the financials of having kids. Patently ridiculous given actual timelines, but the nervous nelly/overplanner in me keeps rearing her head.

Here's another thought...

How often would you LIKE to think about money?

For me, it doesn't really matter, I don't think. As long as the thoughts and feelings are positive.

Therein lies the trap, of course. More often than not, those money thoughts come with stress and worry.

How frequently do you really think about money? What specifically are those thoughts about?

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