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How Music And Performic Arts Can Root Stability In Your Child?

By The Shri Ram School
Gone are the days when parents used to push their kids into studies and books. The 21st century parents understand the value of sports and extra co-curricular activities in a child’s overall development. The younger generation is lucky enough to have parents who press equal importance on sports and co-curricular activities as much as they press on academic education. 
Talking about co-curricular activities, dance and music are two such activities that can overhaul the entire personality of your child. Read on to understand how musical studies can help your child perform better in life. 
Increases Memorization Ability: According to several scientific researches, it has been proven that students who learn music have excellent memorization skills and perform better than their fellow students. There are several top schools in Delhi that parents can consider their kids to enroll in. Once they pick up a taste in musical arts, students can pick a specific music genre or instrument that they specifically like. 
Enhances Creativity and Analytical Skills: Learning musical arts is perhaps the best way to trigger creativity and passion within a person. They learn how to create excellent work and aim for perfection at whatever they are doing. Several scientific studies have revealed that kids who learn music or any other performing arts perform equally well at their academic studies. There are several music schools in India that help students performing well at their regular curriculum as well.  
Emotional Stability: It is a scientifically proven fact that musical notes and ancient Indian ragas have the ability to trigger certain emotions within a person. Children who learn music somehow become better at understanding their emotions, which in turn helps them to take better life decisions. They tend to have higher self-esteem and comparatively calmer than their peers during their growing years.   
Stress Release: Academics are increasingly becoming unbearably stressful for kids these days. Hence, engaging them in co-curricular activities help them deviate them from what they are studying in school and enjoy something that they really like. This will only add skill to the overall learning of your child.

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