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How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

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Herbal drugs are less harmful to the body than other forms of medicines. Herbal drugs are made with natural resources. This means that they produce fewer chemical reactions to the body. However, Kratom is getting popular all over Europe for its variety of capabilities. In addition, Kratom is now a legal drug in some countries. People use Kratom to increase stamina during work. Kratom is a Mitragyna speciosa tree that grows near Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Though this drug has a positive effect that can be detectable in drug tests. So it is important to know how long the effect stays in the body.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a drug that has Mitragynine as an active component. This component is the main reason for the opioid effect. So the more Mitragynine stays in your body the more effective it would be.

There are three types of forms that you can use to consume Kratom. The main working part of Kratom is the leaves. You can chew the leaves or mix the leaves in tea. On the other hand, you can eat specially produced tablets and capsules.

Why do people take Kratom?

As we know, the Kratom drug is a stamina booster. Taking a low dose of this drug boosts stamina at a certain duration. People working on a farm need energy and mental stamina to do their work. So they start using it only for work for a long time.

But as time goes by, people are using them for self-medication like pain relief treatment. Plenty of research shows that withdrawal from this drug causes side effects for a long time. Although that depends on some important factors.

Factors to consider Kratom drug durability

There are plenty of factors that determine how long the effect stays in the human body. Numerous medical science experiments have declared some factors that are important to find out the effect durability. Kratom metabolizes in the liver, so urination could reduce the effect. Let's see the factors.

Amount of Kratom dose

Kratom is a very sensitive drug. If you take this drug without any precaution, then the result will be very bad. However, there are several ways to take Kratom as a drug. But in every aspect of taking Kratom, you should take low doses. Low doses are sustainable for the human body and mind. In addition, a higher dose takes more half-time to eliminate the opioid effect from the body. On the other hand, low amounts of Kratom do take lower half-time. You can find lots of information at Kratom Lounge about Kratom dose that is suitable for every age.

Taking food/water

Food and water is also a factor of durability. If you take a high-fat meal along with Kratom, the dose will meet its peak point faster than usual. On the other hand, water helps with frequent urination. As we know, a simple amount of Mitragynine is eliminated through urination. So frequent urination could help improve the half-time of the Kratom effect.

Duration of taking Kratom

Kratom half-life is a system that explains the time frame of the Kratom effect. A lot of research shows that a low dose of Kratom effects reduces half of the effect after the first 24 hours. If you don't take another dose, then the effect will continuously reduce. On the other hand, the bigger the dose you take, the more time the effects will remain in your body.

Age & body weight

The half-life of Kratom is more active in older ages. In other words, Kratom's half-life works more slowly in the old body than the young body. Such as, in the young body the effect will reduce half in 24 hours. But in an older body, this will take 30 or 40 hours to reduce into half. The older your body is getting, the more time the Kratom effect will remain active in your body. That is not only an age issue. It is also considered the weight of the body. We know that an overweight body is vulnerable to every kind of bad effect. That's why this drug's effects stay a longer time in the body of an overweight person.

Body fat

Kratom has an active component called Mitragynine. This component is highly fat-soluble. Surprisingly this component is soluble faster than other components. So if you have a body with extra fat, the effect will stay a long time in your body. Because high body fat retains the Mitragynine for longer and it takes more time to completely eliminate it from the body. In other words, the Kratom effect will eliminate faster in a body that has a low-fat percentage.

Bottom line

Kratom is a drug that is rapidly growing due to its popularity. The effect of this drug is really satisfying. So people are using this without thinking about the bad effects. However, if you end up with a drug test, your result will be positive as a drug addict. So it is important to know how long the effects stay in the body. This article covers the factors that are related to the duration of the drug remaining in the body.

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