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How Long Are You Going To Live?

By Thismomloves @ThisMomLoves

Apparently, my magic number is 91 years of age, if you can believe the multi-step life-expectancy calculator at Living to 100.
I realize this is not an exact science, but I still found it fascinating to input my information for the various categories (personal, lifestyle, nutrition and medical) and see what verdict I received.
Livingto100 Home
Not only does the site tell you how much longer you likely have left on earth, but it gives you suggestions for extending your stay. For example, if only I could remember to floss every day, I could add on another year. Hygiene, however, is not my biggest problem.
Based on my current consumption, if I cut out fast food I could add 8 years to my life. That seems like a lot...but is it worth those years from 91 to 99 if I have to eat like a rabbit the whole time? I can get another 2 years if only I would cut back on sweets to once or twice a week, but I can't even imagine 17,160 long, sad days without chocolate.
If I follow all of the provided recommendations, I could possibly add 21.75 years, and live until a ripe old 112 and three quarters. Exactly how long can one pretend that one is not going gray, anyway?
Want to know your number? Check out Living to 100 and find out! Be sure to come back and let me know. If anything, it might spur you to make a few healthy changes. As for me...I'll be sure to floss after dessert.

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