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How Jewish is This Corned Beef?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
There was a Jew making a pitch on a recent episode of Shark Tank, and she was pitching her version of one of the most Jewish things possible - her version of a corned beef on rye sandwich..
Mrs Jenny Goldfarb, granddaughter of a classic Jewish deli owner, has gone vegan recently and missing her Jewish deli meats, she figured out how to recreate them using plant-based ingredients alone!
Here are a couple of clips, though I could not find a clip of the presentation itself, there is a clip of the portion of her negotiating with the sharks..

I assume it is likely to be potentially kosher, though probably not [yet] kosher certified, I do wonder if this loses its status as being one of the most Jewish foods once it is plant-based. Does it become a totally new creation by not being made of beef, or is it a spin on an old thing? We need some Briskers to help us decide.
We wish Mrs Goldfarb all the best in her new venture..
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