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How I Met Your Mother (TV Series)

Posted on the 17 March 2016 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7


Yes, I have had another obsession via Netflix when it comes to a TV Series. I know it has been a while since the whole Gossip Girl binge but at least this one was a little bit different as I had seen a couple of the episodes randomly and not in any particular order. So I didn’t really get what it was all about. But a month or so ago now I started watching it and in true Netflix style could not stop, next episode, next episode and it did not really take me a massive amount of time to watch all 9 seasons. It was very sad getting to the last season and then few episodes though, something I am pleased I have just watched now as the age of the characters at the start is pretty much where I am at now so it certainly touched a lot of nerves throughout.



Ted Mosby is our main character who in 2030 is telling his two children the (very long) story of how exactly he met their mother. That is how each episode opens with them sitting on the sofa listening to the next part of the story, let’s face it a lot of it has nothing to do with meeting their mother but covers everything in the massive few year build up to that moment. Showing why things did not work out with any other woman, but also highlighting how important good friendships are. All Ted wants to do is find the one and love of his life to get married and start a family. A rather girly outlook on life you may think but you cannot help but love and support him through it all, such a fantastic character. He is architect with a big dream of designing a building that will stand tall in NYC, something that was not as easy as he must have first thought but a very good journey to go on with him as he never stops believing in himself.


Marshall Eriksen is Ted’s best friend who met by being college roommates and then continuing that when moving into New York City. They have such an inspiring friendship and are total geeks together. Honestly the so many different film references is certainly another thing I totally loved about this series. That is what we do we have inside jokes and references to film, which is no different for these two guys. They help each other through some very tough times. We are show his journey to become a lawyer and how this will change his life forever as he must wonder if it is possible to save the world and also make money to live off himself. So I have found something else I love Jason Segel in, I am such a huge fan of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” he is amazing in that film!


Lily Aldrin has been with Marshall since they started college and is therefore very comfortable with Ted as well. They don’t see it as strange that the three of them hangout quite a lot. She wants nothing more than Ted to find the one and that they can then couple date. Also that she can have a “girl” friend as well added to the group. A kindergarten teacher who has always dreamed of being an artist and even was given a few opportunities to really go after her dream. Her relationship with Ted really is a lot more than you first think as they are also best friends and share plenty with one another. I also like the development she has with Robin from the first to the last episode.



Barney Stinson is the biggest player we may ever see on a series, always going on about being the best “bro” and having Ted as his wingman. The best thing about this character is the growth we see over the years showing that he is in fact human and when love hits him it will change so many things about him. He is hilarious but means no real harm when something is going to be legen wait for it dary. He gets many good sayings and catchphrases and I am not even going to lie that I totally feel in love with him watching the show. He was certainly part of some the funniest moments, but also some very emotional and incredible moments as well, honesty wow Neil Patrick Harris!


Robin Scherbatsky has not long moved to New York from Canada and agrees to go on a date with Ted, which is quite possibly the worst date of all time when he tells her he loves her on the very first one! But that does become a running joke as well as the fact she is from Canada and has some secrets which turn out to not be exactly what you think and again hilarious. Her dream is to really make it as a serious journalist on TV but that doesn’t also go as planned. I did often wonder if Canadians were offended by the many jokes that were made about their country?

One of the best things about this has to be how each character has a dream and goal in life that they want to achieve. This is therefore inspiring to watch as we see them all get knocked down many times but they get back up and keep fighting for what they want. It isn’t always going to be easy and work out, something we must remember as we go through life ourselves. It might just take that year or two longer to get where you want to be. Watching this show really has made me think about different things in my life and then I wish I lived in NYC above a bar and could chill each night. Although I really don’t know how they could possibly afford that at times?


They absolutely love a high five. Yes, all of them for many many different reasons and it really does create many great moments. Barney certainly loves them the most and even takes some of them back, honestly he is quite possible one of the best TV characters ever. We get to find out how each of them first met and how they became the close knit group that we know and love. Obviously like anything though they do fall out with each other, it doesn’t often last very long though although when Ted and Barney were no longer bros that seems to be a long one.

It wasn’t all happy funny moments from start to finish we also get some truly heartbreaking and sad moments. The one with Marshall’s dad was so unexpected and I will admit I was crying with that, it came from nowhere and really just hurt! Thinking about the different turns in life as we also see a baby Marvin join the group and how people must change and don’t have as much time for friends when a baby comes along. As much as they really do try and keep things the same. Everything does work out eventually though when Lily and Marshall remove the above 8 in terms of seriousness rule!


It makes you question everything about your own life from the love you have in it and the friendships you still have and may have lost along the way (it happens as you get older). Something that really struck so many cords for me, especially when you can totally relate to certain moments in the stories and find them extra sad, heartbreaking or heartwarming. But must have all it reassured me. Reassured me that this must be normal behavior and events which just happen in your twenties leading into your thirties.

I did love each of the characters but I will admit that I did not like Ted and Robin as a couple I just felt that it was very forced and did not work well at all. (You can imagine that I was not a fan of the very end) I was however a massive fan of Robin and Barney together as she was the difference and changed him for better or worse. I just think they fit so perfectly together with personalities and what they wanted out of life. Lily and Marshall could really border on annoying with how in love they are with each other but luckily that never really happens as it just feels more cute than anything. That is certainly another big plus, the nicknames are brilliant please don’t let that many real people do that type of thing though!


So many incredible quotes and things to really think about in your own life (that could certainly be a whole different blog post, watch this space . . . ) As I mentioned earlier Barney shows the most growth and development as his womaniser ways are not always the case, ok that may be a slight lie he has a playbook with all of his crazy moves and lies to get women to go home with him. He does very well around New York! The thing is though we also get his back story and the events which really changed his outlook on life, a broken heart!


I think that’s pretty true anything that happens after 2am is never going to have a good ending. That is something that I can agree with from past mistakes, if I am still actually awake at that time anymore would be a miracle in itself let alone anything happening after that time. A very good piece of advice from Ted! We get plenty more, we actually feel like we are his children as he is telling his rather long story about how he met our mother. That has to be another reason why it is so engaging from start to finish, he is telling us that very story as well.

While I totally fell in love with Barney I also fell in love with Ted as well. I wanted my very own Ted Moseby the hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to fall in love and start a family. We see that it is not that easy though to just decide, you have to have a spark and chemistry with someone for it to be able to really work out. Something that you cannot just decide on a person when you feel you are running out of time, but that one that will blow you away and you just know they are the one.


As I am writing this from what is mainly a film blog that is enough to show how much I loved the geeky film references and spoofs. The main one I can think of right now as the Dead Poet’s Society desk “captain, my captain” moment. The thing is though it contained so many throughout that I just wish I had actually been making notes. The men did have a big love for Star Wars and that was something which was very important and increased the bond as they wanted the films over and over again through some tough times in life.


If you are in your 20-30s and have not seen this series I really cannot think any reason you should not watch it. Its like a newer version of Friends, which focuses on the bar rather than the coffee shop! Something which I think was even mentioned in this show, who wants to drink just coffee? Which may seem quite strange considering I never get to go out drinking anymore, not massively a big miss in all honesty when you work six days a week not as much time. It will also reconfirm your love for New York City which really is a magical place! Make sure you like the words awesome and legendary as they are mentioned well a hell of a lot!

This is totally how I feel now I have finished watching all nine fantastic seasons . . .


It was legend wait for it dary!

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