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How I'm Detoxing 2019 ( Without A Diet And Gym )

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Happy January and already I'm exited for the big year ahead. I think a new year brings so much hope and inspiration for us all because we as scared as change can be, it's also a time to rebuild yourself, rebrand your business and the people you surround yourself with. When I started blogging back in 2010 in Graduate school, I had no idea this little blog would turn into a business, let alone a place where you ALL love to come and chat from all over the world.
Anyways, this year I decided that I wanted to take a bigger leap and really focus on not just myself but the people, places and things I surround myself with. Like several New Years resolutions that I may not follow through with such as starting a new diet to loose those extra pounds I put on during the holidays, or the gym program I probably won't find time to go too because something else is going to come up, I thought I would detox my life in a bigger way.
How I'm Detoxing 2019 ( Without A Diet And Gym )
Social Media - I'm the first to admit that I am always plugged in. I mean- 2am, 6am, 9am, 2pm.. it's a bad habit and even though connecting with you all is my job, I'll be honest when it can be draining. My advice is to never feel as if you ALWAYS have to be on. PLEASE give yourself the time you need to connect with those around you and disconnect with followers or social media groups that aren't keeping you grounded or inspired to do your best. And never apologize for doing so.
Friends - This is probably the toughest one of all. Friends are extremely essential in my life but honestly, if you aren't empowering, encouraging or motivating to truly be my best self, than why should I keep having you in my life? Believe me, having this talk with a few friends myself, it's not a pleasant one but it's one that I'm grateful to have done to help better myself and even them too.
How I'm Detoxing 2019 ( Without A Diet And Gym )Clearing The Clutter - We've moved six times in five years...yes that's right. SIX times. It's been absolutely crazy and you can bet we've accumulated a lot of items and things from so many moves. This year I'm really going through room by room to declutter what I'm surrounding myself, what my kids are surrounding themselves with and what we have in our house as a whole. Grab those trash bags and throw out what you don't use, donate what you think others could and enjoy the space that you can give yourself again.
How I'm Detoxing 2019 ( Without A Diet And Gym )
Loving Yourself First - I've always put myself on the back burner but the older I get, the more self care I need to do on myself. Obviously I'm not perfect and have gone to therapy a few times throughout my life to figure out how I listen, learn and grow from past experiences. This helps me to move forward, to better myself in a positive way with the tools I've used from therapy and family and friends along the way. The best relationship you truly should always have, is with yourself. Having some one on one time with yourself to reflect is key. I do this at the end of the day while also starting my day with 5 things I'm grateful for. These words of affirmation have helped me tremendously!
How are you detoxing your life this year?post signature

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