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How i Lost My Stranger : Prologue

By Arjuunsahay


The Novella about Relationships by Arjuun Sahay

PROLOGUE It was getting late, but it didn’t seem to matter to Meera as she was still grooming herself for the party, she stood there wondering if the red dress would match the new stilettos she bought yesterday or the black one, finally deciding that black goes with everything, but then a new obstacle presented itself as the dress was backless one and it required a certain kind of innerwear. So began another exploration expedition through her cabinet. While scrutinizing her wardrobe she came across a certain white sweater, she pulled it out watching it closely as this was the first ever gift presented by Mayank. This brought a smile to her face, imagining how Mayank would react when he would see this old sweater given by him two years ago.  Sitting in the other room, Mayank’s patience was running thin. He didn’t wanted to go to a lame office party that too where he didn’t knew a single soul. He was wondering

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