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How I Got an Adsense Account Approved Within 7 Days of Applying

Posted on the 25 February 2015 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

The best way to make money online as a blogger is monetizing your blog using the Google adsense programme.

How can one make money using the Adsense programme? Simply apply for a Google adsense account - after getting approval, embed the code you generated from the adsense dashboard to your blog strategically - drop rich keyword contents - drive traffic to your blog and you will start making some good amount of money to your bank.

How I Got an Adsense Account Approved Within 7 Days of Applying

I know many will disagree with me on that. I have made thousands of dollars using the Adsense network alone.

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In life always a disadvantage and advantage to things, right? But hey! I am here today to discuss with you how I got an adsense account approved within 7 days of applying.

On my post today, you will know why the approval was quick and why I didn't have any issue on "insufficient content" or "website does not comply with their policy". So are you ready?

But first, why do people get rejected after applying for the adsense programme? Many reasons could be considered why you haven't got approved... And some of the few are:

  • You failed to read their do's and the don'ts before applying
  • Your contents are not genuine - they are copied from other sites and blogs
  • The template or the theme you're using does not have a good structure.
  • You've only published 1 or 2 post since you created the blog
  • You blog about religion, racism, politics and promoting nudity

Note: sometime, you might not meet up to the needs (rules) and you will get accepted due to some error from their end. But trust me, with time, you will get caught and your adsense account will get banned and whatever money you've made will be taken back.

So my simple advice to you is to have a neat blog free from the reasons stated above, and you will enjoy your adsense journey...

How I Got an Adsense Account Approved Within 7 Days of Applying

Now let me discuss with you how I got a few days blog adsense ready and approved by the adsense team...


First off... I need to get some few things in place, like;

  • Buying a web space and a domain name.
  • Installing WordPress platform to my newly bought host.
  • Then finally, create my admin email using web mail
    How I Got an Adsense Account Approved Within 7 Days of Applying

Note: you can also use the blogger platform and I have demonstrated how to get quick approval using your BlogSpot sub domain in my earlier post.


After the installing of my WordPress blog, I went to the WordPress theme directory and search for a responsive theme that is free from coding error(s). I installed the theme...

Remember that we are trying to make the blog as neat as possible, right?

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I added some few scripts and banners at the sidebar of the blog and I'm done with the design. Now, it's time to post some reasonable amount of articles.

I had 20 "blogging" niche articles ready that are 100% plagiarism free. Remember that Google loves genuine articles!

Next - I published the articles, giving each publishing 4 hours intervals.

After publishing all my 20 posts, I made sure they all got indexed by Google search immediately... how? By submitting my blog and its posts to Google search engine using the Google webmaster tool.

Now that the blog has fully come to life, I registered for the Google adsense programme.

Remember that blogs using sub domain can't register for the adsense programme directly. If you are using blogger blog (blogspot) do use the blogger dashboard to register for the Google adsense programme.

After you must have followed the steps to register your domain for the adsense programme, simply take the code given to you and embed to the head of your blog (before post preferable). Don't know how to embed code? Download easy adsense plugin to ease your insertion process.

It's also to place one of the codes you generated to your side bar and you're done.

If you've done that, then wait for your blog to get the first stage of approval. Normally it takes up to 48 hours to get the first stage of approval.

Note: It will take longer if you apply for an adsense account on weekends. Try applying on week days (Monday's preferably) will get you quicker result.

Second stage will not be a problem... Because your blog is neat and your content is in-line with their golden rules (free from plagiarism, racism and other inappropriate posts)

The second approval takes less than 48hrs, but if you are not that lucky, it will take more than 48hrs.


The secret behind getting your Google adsense account approved is; there is no secret

How I Got an Adsense Account Approved Within 7 Days of Applying

As long as you have a simple site that is well structured and has a plagiarism free content, you are good to go...


The whole issue here is not about getting approved, the issue is about "how to keep up your adsense account" from getting banned, suspended after approval.

Some people struggle so hard to get approved but lost their account within a month or some few months later.

On my next post or two, I will be talking about how to maintain and protect your adsense account... Trust me, most of the tips I will be sharing on the post will be new to your eyes.


It looks like I have said so much about so much on this post, now it's time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

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What do you feel about the Adsense programme and policies? Are you still facing problem(s) regarding your adsense account? I am always here to help. Just drop you problems using the comment box, and I will drop a reply ASAP.

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you'd love to share with us? Please do use the comment box below and drop them. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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