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How I Got a Number One Ranking on Google Search

By Shrinkingthecamel

I recently discovered that one of my blog posts is ranked at the top of a certain Google search, which, as you know, represents the pinnacle of blogging success.

God be praised!

That’s right, when you tap out “Feeling Stupid” into your Google search engine, my blog lands right up there at number one with the post, “Are You Feeling Stupid at Work? I’m Here to Help.”

How I Got a Number One Ranking on Google Search

What an honor, to be known throughout the world as the go-to resource for stupidity!

Not exactly what I was reaching for, but I’ll take it.

And what, exactly, does that do for me?

Well, first, I receive a staggering number of hits on my site from this lofty perch, anywhere for 50 – 100 a week! Holy crap! Hope all that traffic is not bringing down the WordPress servers!

Well, the important thing is not generating traffic, but that I am helping people in need. Go ahead and look at the post and see all the wise counsel I’ve been offering. There are 80 comments so far, and I also get a few private emails every month. I answer all of those, too. It’s become like the crowdsourcing center for Feeling Stupid.

Now, about how I made that #1 ranking happen…

Actually, I have no idea. Someone will have to explain to me, because I don’t have a clue. It’s not like I started this blog with the goal of getting a number one spot on Google search.

Although I am not hard-core, I have learned there are some basic things you must do if you want to get the #1 ranking swag:

1.Don’t Blog like its Facebook

Dear friends, I love you, but if you want to land high on the Google search engine, then you best tone down the personal story-telling details and begin writing with a more general audience in mind. For instance, no one is going to seek out your inner thoughts about tonight’s dinner plans or the latest scripture verse that revs your engine. That information is diffuse and generic, as far as google is concerned.

2. Write something useful and specific.

If you want to start angling your way into a search engine result, then write in terms that people are going to search for to begin with, then offer information that might actually be beneficial to the reader. Be practical, specific and direct, and don’t rant on and on, like I am doing here. Try to work it into the title, too. Look at all the headings of those snappy high-traffic blogs: “How to blah blah blah…” “Five Ways to x y

3. Write the desired search phrase right into the post.

This may have been my big Google-ticket item. In this particular post, I came right out and used the phrase that people were going to be typing into the search bar: “I feel stupid at work.” I even put it in bold, which show those SOB search bots that I’m serious!

4. Write about something that no one has thought of yet.

It’s not that I was the first one to write about this topic, but the fact is, there is a lot less competition for the “feeling stupid” category than, say, “Anderson Cooper” or “Lady Gaga” or “Celiac Disease Symptoms.” Now, this probably goes against the grain of most blogging advice, which says to go with the trends, ride with the tide, etc. But it worked for me.

5. Don’t try so hard

And finally, if all of this fails, then good. Don’t try to make a number one ranking on Google search your goal, because that’s lame and entirely misses the whole point of blogging. Which is, like, to build community and help people.

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