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How I Feel About Climate Change

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

How I feel about climate changeGarryRogers:

Our free society has lost its footing. Bad things are happening and we can’t seem to right the wrongs. Let’s hope the frustration we feel doesn’t drive Professor Bradshaw to an antisocial solution like his double on “Breaking Bad.”

How I feel about climate changeOriginally posted on

pissed offAngry. Furious. Livid. And a just little bit sad.

Well, I’m not pissed off with ‘climate change’ per se – that would be ridiculous. I am extremely pissed off with those who are doing their damnedest to prevent society from doing anything meaningful about it.

The reason I’m thinking and writing about this at the moment because last week I was approached by Joe Duggan of The Australian National University who has put together a rather clever and engaging website. The point of the website is simple – demonstrate to people that those studying climate-change science are human beings with feelings; we are not autistic, empirical automatons that conspire to ruin your day. We measure, we model and we analyse, but we’re also very much affected personally by what we observe every day in our careers.

So I grabbed a pen (not something I do very often, and my finger joints complained…

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