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How I Came to Love Justin Bieber by Matt D

Posted on the 28 September 2011 by Ketou @ketou

Justin Bieber…What do we think of when we hear this name. “I love that kid!” or “I hate Justin Beaver!” Well hears my story of how I became to love Justin Bieber…
I used to be one of those boys that hated the kids guts. Was it because all the girls talked about him, or you couldn’t go a day without hearing the kids name. Whatever it was, I hated the kid.
One day I remember going home on the computer and going on YouTube. Didn’t know what to watch, so I typed in Justin Bieber. I clicked on his music video “Baby” Let me tell you, I thought it wasnt that bad…
Later on I went back on the Internet for something but Justin still stayed in my head. I wanted to do a little research on him. A 15 year old kid from Stratford, Ontario becomes a World Sensation! Sensation? Huh?
Then I hear that Justin has a movie coming out “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” I knew I had to see this movie!
Let me tell you honestly, This was the best movie I have ever seen! Inspiring is the only word I could say after the movie. Seeing Justin go through life as a child was amazing. This kid is an Idol!
Here are the things that have caught my attention over time about Justin…
- The kid is now 17yrs old
- Has the most watched video on YouTube
- Over 1.5 Billion views on YouTube
- Has the perfect look
- Has the perfect voice
- Usher is his mentor
- Sold out Madison Square Garden, In 22 Minutes
- Headliner at Madison Square Garden
- Has a World Tour at age 17
- Has his own movie
- Had Grammy Nominations at 16yrs old
- Has loyal fans that created him
- Has won 6 Billboard Awards in 2011
- And a great family
Now what do you get when you put all of this together? A Teenage Sensation? More of a gift from God. This was all Gods plan for Justin. His mom having so much footage and pictures of Justin was all Gods plan. I love this kid for having a heart and believing in God so much! He gives back, thanks God, thanks his fans! Isn’t that what we all want in an Idol?
Now getting to perform at Madison Square Garden is an honor. But selling out the Garden in 22 minutes at age 16 is unbelievable! That has never been done before. Justin has so many people to look up to and thank for this. His Mom, His dad, His Grandparents, Scooter Braun, Usher, L.A. Reid,and God!
Im am so glad that I get to watch all of this happen! While most of us are still hating on Justin we get to see the real gift that God has gave us! Justin is an Idol to eveybody, especially me! He taught me to stand up for what I believe in, to follow my dreams, pray that it will all get better, to never give up, and to Never Say Never!

Now after reading my story, If you are still a Justin Beiber hater do me a favor. Go to YouTube and watch these videos.
“Pray” By Justin Bieber
“Down To Earth” By Justin Bieber
And if you can go rent his Movie “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”
Now when watching these, forget that you hate him. Forget about his voice. Pay attention to the real message in the video. You will probably find yourself clicking in the next video, then the next one, and the next one. Thats where I found myself…

” God speaks in the silence of the heart, listening is just the beginning of prayer.”

-Matt D.

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