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How Hot Is Devin Brugman Right Now?

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
June 6, 2014


HOT TUB!  For context, my friends introduced me a simple idea: If you had a hot tub and you could fill it with people who you are interested in having relations with, who would they be? 

Well folks, right now, as I type this, #1 is Devin Brugman.  Just absolutely no way around it.  She’s complete and utter fire right now.  As I’ve mentioned, there’s no doubt she’s lost weight and toned up.  Plus she lives on the beach, or close enough to it that she’s tanned out 24/7, 365.  So, while it may look like I’m a bit obsessed (maybe I am) with Brugman, she’s in my hot tub, so technically we’re dating or in a relationship or something. 

Happy Friday people.

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