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How High Did We Go? – Journey Through Tibet and the Himalayan Mountain Range

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

After completing the Lhasa to Everest Base Camp to Nepal journey, through numerous mountain passes, I was wondering how high did we in fact go. Depending on which books you read, or which markers you use you are advised of different elevations, I had my GPS on me through the whole journey and found that it was a little off to what people told me, post-researching on Wikipedia even has something else.

So using my GPS as absolute through the whole journey, I compiled a list of significant points in chronological arrival order;

  1. Kamba-la pass (4746.17)
  2. Karo-la pass (5022.55)
  3. Simu-la pass (4366.45)
  4. Tropu-la pass (4517.37)
  5. Gyatso-la pass (5193.18) [maximum trip elevation]
  6. Pang-la pass (5185.01)
  7. Everest Base Camp (5174.43)
  8. Lamna-la Pass (5084.07)
  9. La Lung-la Pass (4990.82)
  10. Tong-la pass (5113.39)

Elevation plot through Tibet with significant passes

I was slightly disappointed to see that little-known Gyatso-la pass was the highest we had been at 5200 metres and Everest Base Camp at 5175 metres was a little lower. Interesting was also that we descended 4500 metres in roughly ten hours from Everest Base Camp to the China-Nepal border which occurs on a natural valley.

(Wikipedia states Everest Base Camp as 5150 metres and Gyatso-la pass as 5520 metres)

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