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How Google Has Ruled Online Communications

By Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

By Ivan Serrano

In 1985, just when the mobile phone was getting on its feet, the idea for Google was born. Two 22-year-old Stanford graduate students decided the Stanford campus needed an online database, as opposed to the physical database in libraries, to store, collect, share and search data. Soon enough, Google was born, until it became so popular on the campus that storage space ran out.

Less than a year later, Google became a public online encyclopedia that was spread nationwide. A year or so after that, it became global. Derived from the mathematical term “googol,” which is a symbol of near-infinity, the term caught on, and an angel investor wrote a check to the company for a mere $100,000. The rest is history.

Google, which now operates on every continent and has billions of worldwide users every minute, is more than just a company: it’s a concept. The idea has created a digital revolution, with Google dominating the Internet’s search engine by creating an immense sea of information, email, cell phones, marketing and even now, an automatic self-drive car. The question we’ve all been waiting for: what’s next, Google?

Google Communications

This post is presented by Ivan Serrano, a web journalist and infographic professional from California. Ivan’s niche is in social media, content marketing and technology.


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